Turn the Tables

So many websites and publications have reviews of restaurants where they describe what they thought of the food, the service, atmosphere, and prices. Some are done by professional reviewers, and others are done by self-proclaimed / self-appointed experts in cuisinal pursuits.

Sometimes things don't go quite right, and the restaurant gets blasted. Sometimes they might deserve it. Other times, perhaps not. Here's where we turn the tables (pun intended) and let the industry have their own little restauRANTS about their worst customers - and also about the the best customers. Afterall, there are good restaurant reviews as well as bad.

If you are in the business, and would like to submit your story, either anonymously, or with your name on it—we suggest anonymously—please fill out the form below and tell us about some of the worst and best customers you've had to deal with. Hopefully, this will not only be entertaining, but educational as well.

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We will choose the best submissions for publication, and may do some light editing if needed. Your email address and story are required fields, but even if we can identify you, we will respect your anonymity.

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