The Best Restaurants Chosen by St. Pete Locals


Welcome to the St. Petersburg Foodies Restaurant Awards


This is when St. Petersburg Foodies gives the power to the palates and tummies of the locals that live here in St. Petersburg, Florida.

(Winners are here.)



The St. Petersburg Foodies Restaurant Awards are Unique


It is the St. Petersburg area only. (Gulfport and St. Pete Beach are included.)

It is succinct. There are not a myriad of categories with made-up silly awards so everybody gets a prize.

It is Ad-free. There are no advertisements on the awards site. Especially not ones saying “vote for us” from nominated restaurants.

It is non-biased. St. Petersburg Foodies ownership and staff are excluded from voting.

It is edited for accuracy. Nominations with misspellings, or submitted in the wrong category are fixed.

The Best Restaurants Chosen by St. Pete Locals