Sushi Inc St. Pete Review

This is from August 2014: Sushi Inc. Loved it at first, but then gave up on it 2-years ago for huge inconsistencies. It was like a seesaw. First time: Great. Second time. WTF Happened? Third Time: Great. Fourth time; Seriously? Are we on a hidden camera punked type of show? This includes the sushi rolls and the drinks. It was like they rotated different kitchen and bar staff that used their own separate recipes. Our rule is: Two times bad, that's all we had. See ya!

Here are the favorite items from back then when they got it right.

Tuna Tartar

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Tuna Tartar

Kat's Eye and Red Dragon

Kat's Eye and Red Dragon

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Sushi Inc
270 1st Ave North
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 800-9977

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