Sushi & Noodles at Souzou Fusion

Sushi & Noodles at Souzou Fusion

Every time I’ve driven by Souzou Fusion, I’ve told myself I need to try it. Well, we finally did last Friday night. The restaurant is beautiful inside and out. I love the string lights they have coming down from the building across the parking lot. They also feature live music on the weekends, which would be fun to come back for. Their balcony is decorated with lights as well and would be a really nice space to hang out on and listen to music.

We had to get some sushi, right? I don’t love raw fish, so I usually get vegetarian sushi when I get the chance. Finding good veggie sushi, that’s not bland, can be challenging. But Souzou did not disappoint. I got their Veggie Maki, which is a serving of 8 pieces of sushi with the rice on the inside, instead of out. It actually makes for less sushi, which I think is a good choice as an appetizer, or if you wanted to try multiple sushi dishes. You have three choices for your filling: cucumber, asparagus or avocado. I picked avocado. It was super creamy and they had toasted sesame seeds inside that gave it a nice balance between smooth and crunchy. It was served with pickled ginger slices and of course, wasabi. I topped my sushi with the ginger and it was an excellent pop of flavor with each bite. I inhaled every piece. It made me wish I had gotten the bigger order. But there is always next time.

Veggie Maki
Veggie Maki

Another reason I wanted to try Souzou was that they offered rice noodles as a gluten-free option for their dishes. All of their “Rice & Noodle” offerings sounded divine. I had a hard time deciding, but finally settled on the Tan Tan Men. It’s a noodle-based bowl with ground pork, garlic, ginger and scallions. I have to say I was a little confused when it came out. It was swimming in broth, reminding me of a noodle soup. The description on the menu didn’t give that impression, and a photo of another noodle dish online didn’t look like that, so I was a little surprised. Since I wasn’t expecting that, it threw me off a bit. Personally, I would have preferred less broth so it would be a heartier dish. That being said, the flavors were very good. Going back, I would like to try something else that is not so “soupy.”

Tan Tan Men
Tan Tan Men

I got to taste what Stephen ordered and it was pretty good as well. He had the Chahan with shrimp added. It’s a fried rice dish with carrots, snow peas, mushrooms, and sunny side quail egg. It was beautiful on the plate and I thought the quail egg was a nice touch.


All and all it was a nice dinner and a great atmosphere. I’d like to try some other dishes and sushi, and maybe even a little live music couldn’t hurt. 


Souzou Fusion
435 5th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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Souzou Asian Fusian has excellent sushi, ramen, spring rolls, udon, duck, steak, tuna, salmon and more!

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