The Lemon Grass St. Pete Review

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The Lemongrass Sushi Thai Tapas: Will never go back. Tried twice after several people recommended it. First time was maybe a year ago. I had one of the sushi lunch specials. It was subpar, no better than Publix sushi. Lori and I kept being told that we should go there, so we tried it for dinner last year. "Tried" is the key word. Tried, but failed. It was mid-week, maybe Wednesday or Thursday. We were seated, and then it took 10-minutes for someone to come to the table and take a drink order. We got a bottle of sake, and then sat there for 20-minutes with no further attention. However, we did witness at least 9 to-go orders get processed and go out the door. Then we walked out to never be seen again. I threw a $20 bill down, but Lori picked it up saying they didn't deserve it. (I think the little bottle of sake was $8.) I can't believe they would be so stupid to prioritize takeout over people that are present at a table.

The Lemon Grass
310 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 894-1111

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