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Description The food menu at Buya Ramen offers up various types of gyoza, kamameshi, and of course, ramen. There are several different bowls of ramen available, each garnished with a different topping such as crispy duck, pork belly, braised oxtail, and mushroom. A creamy tonkotsu broth (pork-based) will be made in-house, as well as a vegetarian miso-based broth. Even the noodles will be made from scratch using a top-of-the-line ramen machine being shipped to St. Pete straight from Japan. The ramen machine, Michael tells me, is the only way to get a noodle that is dense enough. If made by hand, the noodles would soak up broth too quickly and get soggy. The price per bowl will vary, but most will fit in the $16 to $18 range.

As with the ramen, the gyoza, or Japanese dumplings, are also crafted with the help of a gyoza machine from Japan. Buya will grind their own meat and the machine will perfectly assemble the house-made dumplings. There will be an assortment of gyoza available f
Drinks Full Bar
Phone Number (727) 202-7010
911 Central Ave Edge District
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33705
United States
Buya Ramen
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