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We are the #1 restaurant and food informational site in St. Petersburg, providing articles, advice, news, and commentary to support and grow locally-owned restaurant businesses and boutique food shops in our hometown.

No matter what your plans are for promotion and marketing, there is currently no better vehicle for reaching true foodies in St. Petersburg.

We are focused solely on St. Petersburg restaurants and high quality ingredients retailers.

No Tampa. No Clearwater. St. Pete only.

We would love to help you promote your business to our engaged, passionate foodies audience. It’s super economical and highly targeted!

Every eyeball counts here. Unlike other advertising, in our audience, every single person is looking for food experiences. We are not diluting our traffic by covering anything other than food.

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  • St. Petersburg Restaurants #4 & 5
  • Restaurants Downtown St. Petersburg, FL #4
  • Best Fish n Chips in St. Petersburg, FL – #3 & 4
  • Best Cuban Sandwiches in St. Petersburg FL – #2
  • Best Chili in St. Petersburg FL – #1
  • Best Fried Chicken in St Petersburg, FL – #2
  • Best Wings in St. Petersburg FL – #3
  • Best Cupcakes in St. Petersburg FL – #3
  • Best Hot Dogs in St. Petersburg FL – #3
  • Best Burgers in St. Petersburg FL – #2

Traffic Stats:
– 42k user sessions per month.
– 118k page views per month.


Ad Impressions:
Our site delivers 1-million ad impressions per month.


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– St. Petersburg Foodies Facebook Group – 16k Members
– St. Petersburg Foodies Facebook Page – 7k Followers
– Instagram –  22k Followers

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