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How Do Burgers Stack Up at Local St. Petersburg Restaurants?

The World Champ Burger from El Cap

How Do YOU Stack Your Burger? (Originally posted April 2020. Updated August 2021 at the bottom to include The Food Theorists video and conclusions.) Did you know that the order in which the items are stacked on your hamburger is a thing? I never really thought about how I built my burger until recently. I remember […]

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Wok’s Going On: Asian Cuisine Takes Center Stage

Souzou's Chicken Ramen

Asian cuisine is all the rage, from the explosive popularity of sriracha to fascinating regional dishes of Thailand, Japan, The Philippines, Himalayas, Tibet and Malaysia catering to America’s growing appetite for authentic Asian dishes. Chefs are paying attention to the new popularity, incorporating these dishes at breakfast, lunch and dinner, even cocktail menus. According to […]

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What’s Hot: 2016 Culinary Forecast

I’ve lived in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami, but for me, downtown St. Pete is home. Day and night, I explore the extraordinary and exciting culinary hotspots (from cheap to chic). It’s amazing what’s going on here. We are finally getting dining destinations that showcase some of the current national trends, with a seasoning of […]

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