More Than Just Brews at Bayboro Brewing

More Than Just Brews at Bayboro Brewing

From the outside Bayboro Brewing is quite unassuming. It almost feels like you’re discovering a secret watering hole when you find the entrance. Instead of being located on the front side of the building you enter through the back alley. The first time I visited Bayboro was about a year ago. My friends and I had gone to a couple other breweries that day and were looking for our next spot, found it on Google, and headed over. As soon as we walked in, we knew we had found a great place.

Bayboro Exterior


Bayboro Interior

While the craft beers are at the forefront of Bayboro, don’t miss out on the food. Bayboro has a permanent food truck serving up classic bar food items and house smoked BBQ. In addition to their standard menu, Bayboro has periodic food events where they go off the menu. When my friends and I first stumbled in there, they were having a seafood boil. We obviously decided to partake in that, and everything was fresh and delicious. On top of the periodic food events, Bayboro also hosts concerts regularly in their large indoor venue space and live music in their beer garden.

Seafood Boil Special

My most recent visit was the first time I ordered off the regular menu. The menu is on the smaller side, but covers all the bases; appetizers and small bites, vegetarian and meat lovers options, and healthy and gluttonous dishes. Then you can’t forget their extensive list of craft beers featuring IPAs, Ales/Lagers, Stouts & Porters, Sours, and Ciders & Seltzers. If you’re not feeling beer, you can always settle for a glass of wine or a N/A Kombucha.

Snakebite Wings

We started off with the Snakebite Twice Cooked wings. The wings are smoked and then fried to crisp the skin and generously tossed in Snakebite sauce. The sauce is slightly sweet, slightly tangy, and a lot spicy! These were some of the best wings I’ve had in the area.

The Cubano Sandwich

I opted to try their Cubano sandwich. Especially after our bartender shared that many patrons have said it’s the best they’ve had in the city. Stacked on pressed La Segunda bread is house smoked Mojo pork, ham, salami, pickles, swiss & mojo mustard. The sandwich was savory and smoky, and I would agree… it does stand up to the best Cuban sandwiches in the city.

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Chicken Sandwich

The Chicken Sandwich at Bayboro is a piece of fried chicken tossed in a Viet-Cajun style butter sauce and served on a soft bun with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato. The chicken was crispy and tasted spicy and flavorful, and it wasn’t an obscenely large piece of chicken. The chicken fit the bun.

BBQ Chicken Burrito Bowl

The BBQ Chicken Burrito Bowl is served with house smoked BBQ chicken, cilantro lime rice, black beans, corn, lettuce, homemade Pico de Gallo, and sour cream. While it was simple ingredients, all of the flavors and textures melded together to create a delicious mouthful.

Bayboro Brewing is more than just their beer. When you visit, don’t skip out on the food. I can’t wait to go back once it cools down to enjoy their beer garden.

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Craft brewery and permanent food truck in the Warehouse Arts District.

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