Lured-In by The Lure

CC&T: Spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado and tempura chips rolled and topped with real snow crab meat and spicy mayo

When St. Petersburg Foodies co- creator Lori Brown suggested I review The Lure, that cool, brick-walled open great room concept place on Central with funky wall murals, birch art and pool tables, I said:

‘Great, love that place.’

So I went back to try some items besides sushi (which is always very good), started researching the menu, which is voluminous, … Continue Reading

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Bodega St. Pete in the Edge District is Excellent!

Ooops, they did it again.

They being George and Debbie Sayegh, owners of that rustic, groovy little cubbyhole at 1120 Central known as Bodega.

You know the Joint. Across the street from Green Bench Brewers. A three-wood over 1st Avenue South bouncing along the parking lot to the Trop from their back yard.

Jammed into a tiny space with little … Continue Reading

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‘Dem Bones …

Buya Ramen Restaurant Review

Buya Ramen’s broth begins with dem bones, chicken and pork ones simmered with roasted vegetables for 20-something hours to dredge out the fats and collagen from the marrow and bone to create an almost opaque broth you combine with noodles, mushrooms, vegetables and savory meat to produce, well, an experience.

Call it the Ramen moment. And … Continue Reading

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