The Foodie Labs Making Its Debut Connecting Food, Art and Science

Ghost Kitchens, Commissary, and Test Kitchens Coming to St. Pete + Event Space

The Foodie Labs, a brand new culinary center, connects the world of food with art while providing a creative showcase for chefs, virtual restaurants, caterers and foodies.

The lab, located in the Warehouse Arts District on the ArtsXChange campus, contains eight commercial cook stations, a main baking … Continue Reading

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St. Petersburg Wins 2023 Tampa Bay Food Fight

Tampa Bay Food Fight 2023
Social Roost’s Chef Susan Burdian Captains St. Pete for the Win

Via Press Release from Social Roost –

This past Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023, Social Roost participated in the Tampa Bay Food Fight (TBFF), a charity benefiting Metropolitan Ministries.

TBFF is an annual event hosted at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Tampa; with Battle of the Chefs as the … Continue Reading

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Ray Lampe on the Closing of Dr. BBQ and What the Future Holds – St. Petersburg Foodies Podcast Episode 157

This is a special edition one-time show where we talk to Ray Lampe on the closing of Dr. BBQ the Restaurant, what the future may hold for him in the restaurant business and other projects he is working on. You’ll get the real story on why the restaurant closed, and find out that Ray is quite the unstoppable entrepreneur with … Continue Reading

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Smoke Fades & Embers Cool as Dr. BBQ the Restaurant Serves It’s Last Meal

Dr BBQ Mural on the North Facing Wall Easily Visible from the Roundabout on Central Ave at 11th St.

Dr. BBQ The Restaurant (and Burnt Ends Tiki Bar) has closed ending a four year run.

Owned by The Datz Restaurant Group, the restaurant’s 7,935-square-foot building at 1101 Central Ave., was sold to PTM Partners back in August 2022 for $4.5 million. Co-owners Roger and Suzanne Perry of the Datz Restaurant Group leased the building back and continued to operate … Continue Reading

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Delectable Down Home Mexican Eats at Martha’s

Quesabirria Tacos (R) Chicken Tinga Empanada-(L)

There’s many times in our Facebook Restaurant Reviews Group when I see people requesting “Just regular Mexican food, and none of that darn fancy stuff!”

Martha’s is your ticket.

There’s nothing elegant, no fusion, or frilly plating. (We’ll talk about the décor later.) It’s just darn good Mexican food made and served by Mexicans. There’s Tex-Mex too as most diners … Continue Reading

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10 Best Wings in St. Petersburg FL 2022

Wheelhouse Ma Brown's Extra Hot
First, A Little “Wingstory”

I’ve been bingeing on food history, and gorging myself on culinary education for the past couple of years, and the more I learn and experience, the more I find out about disagreements and controversy everywhere. Should you use the water pan or not in your Weber Smoking Mountain Cooker? Chili with or without beans? What’s the … Continue Reading

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Beach Drive’s Newest Eatery, Allelo Knocks it Out of the Park

Raditatori Lamb Bolognese

Beach Drive has a new restaurant to delight locals and tourists alike. Allelo is serving up dishes inspired by the regions near the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, which leaves open a multitude of cuisines. Their name “comes from the word allelomimesis which is the phenomenon of a group, such as birds, coming together to form a flock. The idea of … Continue Reading

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Red Mesa Group to Open New Restaurant in Two Graces Spot, Plus New Food Truck

Quatro Food Truck

Via Press Release:

The St. Petersburg-based Red Mesa Group (RMG) is expanding with two new foodie destinations. In September 2022, RMG will unveil Quatro, its new Americana cuisine food truck situated in front of Green Bench Brewing Company, located next to the original Red Mesa Mercado in St. Petersburg, Florida. In winter 2022-2023, RMG will open a second Red Mesa … Continue Reading

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10 Best Cuban Sandwiches in St. Petersburg FL 2022

Old Southeast Market Cuban
Best Authentic Cuban Sandwiches in St. Pete


Salami or No Salami?

The Cuban Sandwich was invented in Ybor City in the late 1800s by Cuban immigrants with some influence from Italian immigrants. The original included a Spanish dried sausage that was later replaced with salami.

Later, when Miami picked up on the Cuban Sandwich, they left the salami off. … Continue Reading

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Best Italian Restaurants in St. Petersburg FL 2022

Eggplant Parmesan

I moved to St. Petersburg a little over 13 years ago, and it seems like we’ve had an average of two Italian restaurants open each year since then, if not more. Lately, it seems like two every few months. There’s definitely no shortage of Italian eateries to choose from here. We’re always interested in checking out the newest places, and … Continue Reading

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10 Best St. Petersburg Brunch Spots 2022

BEC - bacon, egg, American cheese

It’s the weekend and time to treat yourself to a terrific brunch, but where should you go? We have compiled a list of the best brunches in St. Pete to help with your decision.

Before we get into the list, an important thing you should be aware of is that there are other publishers of “best of lists” that do … Continue Reading

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10 Best Steaks in St. Petersburg FL 2022

Beau n Mo's Skirt Steak

Steak. Who doesn’t love a steak? It’s really quite simple. First, get the highest quality beef. Then decide if you’re going to flip it once, or flip it often. (Milk Street Cooking School says that a very thick steak cooks more evenly when flipped often.)

Are you going to marinate it? BuzzFeed’s Tasty says to marinate cuts with a loose … Continue Reading

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Best Burgers in St. Petersburg FL 2022

American Standard Burger at Ford's Garage
Best Hamburgers / Cheeseburgers in St. Petersburg FL 2022

Hamburgers! Who doesn’t get excited by hamburgers? I used to wonder why they were named this when there was no ham involved. It’s because they get they their name from Hamburg, Germany, home of a dish called the Hamburg steak that eventually evolved into what we now consider hamburgers.

“the Hamburg … Continue Reading

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Best Pizza Places in St. Petersburg, FL 2022

Pep Cup Ohio Pizza

NOTE: The featured photo shown at the top and bottom of the page is the Pep Cup from The Ohio Pizza Parlor, which is now closed and looking for a new location.

Best Pizza Joints St. Pete

For the past few years we’ve been able to make a top ten pizza list, but this year we had to expand the … Continue Reading

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Brunchin’ Out at Sauvignon Wine Locker & American Trattoria

Oxtail Hash

Sauvignon Wine Locker & American Trattoria started their Sunday Brunch service a couple of months ago. We finally got in last week, and had a spectacular experience. Sauvignon should be on everybody’s list for everything. They really have superior food, service, and staff.

We like sitting at the bar when it’s just the two of us as it’s fun to … Continue Reading

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