R.I.P.P. – Avid Brew Co


R.I.P.P. is a seasonal beer that is typically released around Halloween. It’s roasty, toasty and slightly smokey with a slightly piney finish.

Nose- Bitter malt, Chocolate and smoke.

Taste- Malt, slight spice, grain and bitter Chocolate on the backend.

Mouthfeel- Slightly bubbly for a porter. Possesses a medium body which lingers

Head- Medium head that is tan in color

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Bearded Pelican Chocolate Porter – St. Pete Brewing Co.

Another shot of the Bearded Pelican

A rich and decadent porter with roasted coffee and chocolate notes, coupled with light bitterness from the German Northern Brewer hops. Fifty pounds of chocolate malt created the dark coloring.

Nose- Roasted coffee and pipe tobacco

Color- Medium Brown with a hint of Mahogony

Head- Medium, Cream color. Falls quick, leaving a hint of lace

Taste- Smoky Chocolate and bitter … Continue Reading

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