Kuebiko – Inoculum Ale WorksParthenocarpic – Inoculum Ale Works


Kuebiko – Inoculum Ale Works

A soured ale with Strawberries, Lemons, and Limes. Strawberry nose, sour bite, floral finish. A relatively light beer with a small amount of acidity. Pour & Head: More head than most sours, which dissipates within one minute. Color: Gold Aroma: Hints of Lemon Lime up front on the nose with a touch of Strawberry on…
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Parthenocarpic – Inoculum Ale Works

Parthenocarpic is a sour beer with live cultures of Pediococcus P, Lactobacillus A, and Saccharomyces Cere.The golden color and super clean lactic profile were specifically designed to highlight the citrusy character of wild tangerines. All of the Tangerines utilized for this beer are local and hand-picked. Pour & Head: Teku, lacey white head Color: Orange,…
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