The New Boozy Drink Menu at Caddy’s on Central is Here and is Perfect For Summertime

The New Boozy Drink Menu at Caddy’s on Central is Here and is Perfect For Summertime

Many, if not most of you reading this right now have probably been to Caddy’s on Central or at least walked by it. It’s a legendary bar downtown on Central that draws in a crowd of party people. They entertain with outdoor music and games and serve great drinks from their indoor and outdoor bars. On any given First Friday, when the streets are closed off, Caddy’s is a necessary stop to get that buzz going especially with their new cocktail menu.

Here’s what we tried:

Caddy's Small Batch Smash
Small Batch Smash

The Small Batch Smash was an overall favorite for all of us. This cocktail is a mix of Overproof Whiskey, Strawberry Smash (strawberries and peach schnapps, shaken in a cocktail shaker), and topped with Ginger Beer. With just a few ingredients, our tastebuds were satisfied. The whiskey is strong while the strawberry smash brings a sweetness, and the ginger beer gives a smooth finish. This is a great fruity drink for whiskey lovers!

Caddy's I Feel Ya Tequila
I Feel Ya Tequila

I Feel Ya Tequila is a shock! From the first look, we didn’t think there would be much taste since it appears rather clear, but the flavors were surprisingly stronger than we thought. I Feel Ya Tequila is a mix of Milagro Silver Tequila, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, topped with Grapefruit Soda. The lime juice and grapefruit soda pair perfectly together with the tequila for a refreshing and simplistic margarita.

Caddy's Giggle Juice
Giggle Juice

Raise your glass and get ready to have some fun! Giggle Juice is a party drink with Stoli Vodka, Raspberry and Prosecco. If raspberry is your favorite flavor, then this has your name on it. This cocktail is fruity, refreshing, simple and strong; what more can you ask for?

Caddy's Central Sangria
Central Sangria

Believe it or not, this is sangria, not a mimosa! This sweet and delightful Central Sangria is made of fresh summer fruit soaked in Santa Marina White Wine with a hint of Stoli Crush Mango. Because of the mango flavor, I found it to be unique and delicious. I can’t wait to go back all summer for this drink! It is my favorite on the list.


Beat the Florida heat this summer with these refreshing cocktails. Caddy’s on Central brings fun and fruity drinks to downtown and we are here for it!

Caddy's On Central
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Located in Downtown St. Pete and inspired by each city block, Caddy’s embodies the energy of Florida with the laid back atmosphere of a living room. Designed with relaxed approach to good food and alcohol in mind.

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