Original Flavor 1889 Packs a Flavorful Punch

Original Flavor 1889 Packs a Flavorful Punch

There is certainly not a shortage of great new restaurants opening in St. Pete and Original Flavor 1889 is no exception. Situated on Central Ave, just west of 4th Street Original Flavor is in the perfect location to draw a crowd. While there is also no lack of Italian restaurants in St. Pete, what sets Original Flavor apart is their dedication to creating the perfect contemporary Neapolitan pizza and fresh pastas using high quality ingredients. You will even notice across the menu the notation of the use of these ingredients in certain dishes.

I joined my friends for a Saturday girls’ night at Original Flavor. While there is no spot on the website to reserve a table, they do take reservations over the phone. Luckily we made the reservation, as the restaurant was bustling with several people even waiting in the rain outside to get a table. We were promptly sat and greeted by our server.

We started off with a couple bottles of white wine and the salumi & formaggi board.

Salumi & Formagi

The salumi & formaggi board comes stacked with classic Italian meats and cheese including parmigiano reggiano, mozzarella, ricotta, provolone, prosciutto san daniele, coppa, mortadella and salami and they pair it with spreads, nuts and rustic grilled bread.

Around the table we ordered a Caesar Salad, Margherita Pizza, Gnocchi Cinque Terre, Gnocchi Partenopei, Pasta al Pomodoro and Rigatoni Bolognese.

Caesar Salad

The Caesar salad was simple and classic with a twist. While classically prepared with chopped romaine, shaved parm and a creamy Caesar dressing the twist is in the “crouton”. Instead of using your standard crouton, Original Flavor uses a tarallo Napolitano crumble. A Tarallo is a traditional Italian snack food that could be described by a cracker, pretzel and breadstick having a baby. It was the perfect addition to set the Caesar salad apart from others.

Original Margherita

The Original Margherita is the perfect size for one, or to split with someone along with an app or salad. It’s prepared with San Marzano sauce, Fiordilatte (similar to mozzarella but strictly made with whole cow’s milk), basil and EVOO. The pizza had fresh flavors, a nice crispy crust to hold up to the toppings and a slight char and chew to the crust. My only gripe, which you can see from the photo, is the lackluster amount of basil.

Gnocchi Cinque Terre

Straying from the classics, one of my friends ordered the Gnocchi Cinque Terre. This is gnocchi with basil pesto, tomato, provola (aged mozzarella), mixed nuts, parmigiana wafers and EVOO. The basil and the mixed nuts made this dish earthy and then was balanced out by the acidity of the tomatoes. I would say it is likely one of the most unique dishes on the menu and well worth the try!

Gnocchi Partenopei

The rest of us decided to stick with the classics for the night. The Gnocchi Partenopei could be considered the Margherita equivalent in Gnocchi form, with San Marzano sauce, Fiordilatte, parm and basil.

In the same breadth as the Partenopei the Pasta al Pomodoro is served with San Marzano sauce, fresh basil and EVOO.

Both of these dishes are so simple, that they could easily be ruined, but were executed flawlessly.

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Rigatoni Bolognese

Finally, I decided to go with the Rigatoni Bolognese. It’s hard for me not to order a Bolognese if its on a menu. The combination of hearty meat, fresh tomatoes and pasta is irresistible and Original Flavors’ version did not disappoint. I ate every last bit of it.

Original Flavor 1889 is a welcome new player to the St. Pete foodie scene. Next time I visit I am going for a calzoni and gelati!

Original Flavor 1889
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