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A Delicious Breakfast at 2nd & Second

Anybody that pays attention to the downtown St. Pete food scene knows that 2nd & Second really had the crap kicked out of them with bad reviews in the first few months that they were opened. Then, there were the defenders that said it's not fair to review a new place until they have at…
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2nd & Second 24-Hour Diner to Open Monday (12/11/17) at Midnight

It's been over a year in the making, and finally, the long-awaited opening of the 24-hour diner, 2nd & Second, is upon us. This Monday, December 11th at the stroke of midnight, the first food order will sizzle on the grill. (To clarify, it's technically Tuesday morning that they open.) Read Our 2nd & Second…
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“Diner 24 DTSP” Opening in Fuego Location late-March 2017

Downtown St. Pete Gets Its' First 24-Hour Diner UPDATE MAY 16, 2017: BUSINESS IS CLOSED. Ken Collazo, the owner of Fuego Lounge, just shut down the restaurant on Saturday, February 4th to start renovations to open his 24-hour diner in the same space. Diner 24 DTSP is expected to open in late-March. They will serve…
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