“Diner 24 DTSP” Opening in Fuego Location late-March 2017

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“Diner 24 DTSP” Opening in Fuego Location late-March 2017

Downtown St. Pete Gets Its’ First 24-Hour Diner


Ken Collazo, the owner of Fuego Lounge, just shut down the restaurant on Saturday, February 4th to start renovations to open his 24-hour diner in the same space.

Diner 24 DTSP is expected to open in late-March. They will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with over 200 items on the menu, and you can order breakfast, lunch, or dinner anytime you want.

The space will be redesigned to look like a retro, art deco, 1960s diner with neon and chrome. There will be ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, waffles, pancakes, eggs, burgers, etc.

A few other food items will include; shepherd’s pie, steaks, chops, fish & chips, chicken wings, and much more.

A General Concept of the New Look

Grab & go muffins, bagels and sandwiches will be available for those on the run. There will be a juice bar, coffee bar, espresso … and a full liquor bar serving until 3:00 am.

Think 60s Diner Meets Oxford Exchange

Fuego Lounge Space Before Conversion to Diner
Fuego Lounge Space Before Conversion to Diner

Since the space is so large with a second floor and different rooms, Diner 24 DTSP will also have similarities to Oxford Exchange in Tampa.


There will be two large meeting rooms upstairs currently dubbed “The Boardroom” where you can have lunch meetings while showing PowerPoint presentations, for example.

The "Boardroom" for Meetings and Presentations
The “Boardroom” for Meetings and Presentations (Not Yet Converted)

There’s a separate room downstairs that will be designated a “quiet room” where you can read, work, or study.

The location, across from Williams Park, has been experiencing a slow, but steady “clean-up”. The closing of the bus stop, increased police presence, and even other new businesses opening, like The Galley around the corner, has helped spruce up the neighborhood. There is also a new restaurant buildout happening on the corner where the Krispy Chicken place used to be.

Fuego Lounge Space Before Conversion to Diner
Fuego Lounge Space Before Conversion to Diner
Fuego Lounge Space Before Conversion to Diner
Fuego Lounge Space Before Conversion to Diner

St. Petersburg Foodies eagerly awaits the new 24-hour diner, and there will be another one coming later this year that you can see currently under renovations at 2nd Avenue North and 2nd Street North aptly named “2nd & Second”, which you can read about on iLovetheBurg.com here.

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Diner 24 DTSP
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Diner 24 DTSP Opening in Fuego Location late-March 2017

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2 Responses

  • Please send me the correct email for applying for jobs. I would like to send students from Tomlinson Adult Learning Center where I run the Career Lab. I tried E-Diner24DTSP@gmail.com as it said on the window but it didn’t work.
    Thank you.

  • Was excited to hear of their opening on Friday for Tampa Bay’s Blues Fest weekend. Went there last night with four other friends around 1:30am but was disappointed upon entry to be told by the hostess that the cook had food poisoning and there wasn’t anyone available to cook. Not a good way to start off your grand opening.

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