15 Best Burgers in St. Petersburg FL 2021

American Standard Burger at Ford's Garage
15 Best Hamburgers / Cheeseburgers in St. Petersburg FL 2021

Hamburgers! Who doesn’t get excited by hamburgers? I used to wonder why they were named this when there was no ham involved. It’s because they get they their name from Hamburg, Germany, home of a cut of beef called the Hamburg steak that eventually evolved into what we now consider … Continue Reading

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Old Key West Bar & Grill – Not so old…with a fantastic new menu!

Housemade Smoked Fish Spread at Old Key West Bar & Grill

September 1st, 2016

Kevin and I have a standing date for lunch every other Wednesday.  Recently the Old Key West Bar & Grill was mentioned in our Facebook Group and I told Kevin that I had not been there in years and that we should make that our Wednesday lunch date.  My recollections of it in the past was that … Continue Reading

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The Avenue’s Firecracker Burger is Fresh & Fiery

The Avenue St. Pete Restaurant Review

The Avenue is famous for their great hamburgers, and that is what was in order for lunch today. Since I love spicy food, I couldn’t resist the Firecracker Burger.

The menu description is: Thick cut peppered bacon, spicy habanero sauce, jalapeños, pepper jack cheese. It doesn’t say it, but I love that it also has lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. … Continue Reading

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