Get the Good Stuff at Gratzzi Italian Grille

Gratzzi Richie's Fried Burrata

Walking into Gratzzi Italian Grille feels like you’ve entered home. Albeit a very upscale and beautifully decorated home, but a location with a familiar sense of place nonetheless, even if one has never visited before. The first aspect of the spacious yet cozy eatery that catches the eye are the high-ceilings, upscale decorations and artwork (I was instantly drawn to … Continue Reading

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Gratzzi Italian Grille Gets Exotic

Rack of Elk

Gratzzi Italian Grille is certainly known and loved for their classic, rustic Italian staples, but we also love it when Chef Tony gets creative with the exotic ingredients. These were all extremely delicious, hearty and satisfying.

Alligator Sausage with spicy black bean tart.

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