Pho Kien Giang: A Humble Triumph in Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Dish no. 22

All food enthusiasts, whether they admit it or not, share this wish in common: to be the authority on restaurant recommendations within their social circle. Specifically, we foodies want nothing more than to be the people who have the niche, undiscovered eateries on their lists; the unassuming restaurants that pack a huge punch with their food.

Pho Kien Giang is … Continue Reading

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La V – Vietnamese Fusion That Keeps You Wanting More

Lemongrass Beef sandwich and the Vermicelli Bowl

For the most part, comfort food is a rather ambiguous term that refers to food that makes us feel good. To some, that means a glutenous helping of sinfully delicious Thanksgiving staples, while others may attribute “feeling good” and “feel good” food to health-conscious meals that nourish and fuel the body. Comfort food, to me, isn’t limited to just one … Continue Reading

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