We Ate a Whole Bunch of Brunch at The Lure

Huevos Rancheros Bowl

We love The Lure in downtown St. Pete. It’s set up to be a fun space with whimsical murals, pool tables, (that you can play for free), and an eclectic menu of sushi and tapas that defy a single categorization as a restaurant.

The service is cheerful and friendly. If you know the owners, Tom Golden and Richard Alday, you … Continue Reading

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Lured-In by The Lure

CC&T: Spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado and tempura chips rolled and topped with real snow crab meat and spicy mayo

When St. Petersburg Foodies co- creator Lori Brown suggested I review The Lure, that cool, brick-walled open great room concept place on Central with funky wall murals, birch art and pool tables, I said:

‘Great, love that place.’

So I went back to try some items besides sushi (which is always very good), started researching the menu, which is voluminous, … Continue Reading

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The Lure Sunday Brunch

Sweet Melissa on the left, and Bacon-8-Her on the right

We made our 2nd visit to The Lure, this time for Sunday Brunch. I decided that I needed sushi and grits for brunch. The grits were excellent, real, fresh, cooked grits. You may have heard me previously assert that I think it should be illegal to serve instant grits at a restaurant, and I will not eat at one that … Continue Reading

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