Cola, No Cocaine (Raspberry Cola Wheat)St. Pete Orange Wheat – St. Pete Brewing Co.


Cola, No Cocaine (Raspberry Cola Wheat)

Cola, No Cocaine was our favorite beer. It is a wheat-based beer that comes as described. Intense flavors from Raspberry puree and Cola flavoring. This beer is a real treat that tastes like no other than Cherry Cola. Nose: Glorious notes of Cola, Berry and Sugar Color: Burnt Orange Head: Thin, minimal head Taste: Cinnamon…
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St. Pete Orange Wheat – St. Pete Brewing Co.

St. Pete Orange Wheat is a wonderful anytime American style wheat beer with a crisp hint of orange and coriander. Whether you are out on a boat, on the beach, or mowing the lawn, it's your go-to beer for quenching your thirst. This is the first beer produced for the public by Tom and Michele.…
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