The Kinks – Overflow Brewing Company

The Kinks – Overflow Brewing Company
The Kinks Overflow Brewing

The Kinks was originally going to be a hoppy wheat called Indoor Sunglasses, which uses three different hops; German Magnum, Hallertau Blanc, and American Citra.

Due to shipping issues, they didn’t receive the Hallertau Blanc hops, but they had the yeast and grains ready to go, and decided to do a 100% Citra batch.

Aside from the shipping issue, a couple other parts of the process took unexpected turns, hence the name, “The Kinks”.

This is dry-hopped for aroma and flavor. All of the citrus flavor comes from the hops.

It’s a Wheat Ale with 30% wheat malt.

Don’t let the 40 IBU scare you as this didn’t taste bitter at all to me.

Beer Connoisseur says, “IBUs aren’t always reliable indicators of how beer tastes, depending on the style and ingredients. And the scale itself doesn’t account for a variety of factors that affect the actual taste of bitterness in a brew.”

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The Kinks

Pour & Head: Cloudy, small head.

Color: Apricot – Orange / Yellow

Aroma: Peach Schnapps

Flavor: Grapefruit

Mouthfeel: Medium

Finish: Dry, short finish with taste of grapefruit rind

Overall: It smells sweeter than it tastes. It’s crisp, lightly fruity, and light in body. Refreshing.

Food Pairings: Fish, seafood, shrimp scampi, salads, chicken and pasta dishes with white sauce.

Malts:American 2-Row
Hops:American Citra
Availability:Limited Release

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