Bite in to Fresh Seafood at I.C. Sharks Bar & Cafe

Bite in to Fresh Seafood at I.C. Sharks Bar & Cafe

I.C. Sharks Seafood Market has been a staple in St. Pete for many years. Previously located just west of its current location on Gandy, they closed up shop and moved in 2018. It took a few years before they reopened the restaurant portion, but that day has finally come. I.C. Sharks Bar & Café offers a small, but high quality, food menu and a full bar.

IC Sharks Exterior

I live about a mile from I.C. Sharks and have been watching them build the new bar in the parking lot anticipating the opening. Currently they are in the soft opening and plan on expanding hours and the menu down the line. Over the last week I have made two visits and neither disappointed.

On the first visit, my friend and I went on a rainy Thursday. Luckily the bar is well covered, so we did not get wet. I.C. Sharks has a full bar and will fresh squeeze juice to go with your cocktails. But, at the time a Bud Light just felt right. Once we received our beers, we chose our food. We decided to go with the Fish Spread, Steamed Clams and Crab Cake.

Fish Spread

The Fish Spread is made locally from Mahi Mahi. While it may just be your classic fish spread, it is executed perfectly. The ideal ratio of fish, mayo, carrot and celery and then served with pickled jalapeños for that extra kick. If you want to pick some fish spread up without sitting at the bar, they serve it to go inside the fish market.

Steamed Clams

Buttery and delicious the simply steamed clams were perfectly cooked and served alongside drawn butter.

Crab Cake

We finished off our meal with a hearty Crab Cake. I would actually like to rename it a Crab Lump because there was so much crab meat. There was just enough breading to keep the cake together and to crisp the outside when cooked. It was lightly seasoned, but that is not a negative, as you got so much of the sweet crab flavor and the creamy mustard sauce rounded out each bite.


During our visit I learned that everyone involved in the market and restaurant are either family or long-time friends. The owner’s sister was in the kitchen and the bartender has been friends with the owner for many, many years.

A couple of days later, I was driving back from running some errands, with no food in my fridge, I decided to stop by I.C. Sharks again to try a couple more menu items for dinner. This time I dined alone and decided to go with the Asian Tuna Bowl and the Steamed Oysters.

Tuna Bowl

The Asian Tuna Bowl is served with extremely fresh tuna cut into the ideal bite size pieces and mixed with mango then served over seaweed salad and finished with a wasabi cream and green onion. Served on the side is a soy ginger sauce that complements all the ingredients and brings the entire dish together. In addition, they serve you plantain chips and a fresh watermelon wedge. I didn’t use the plantain chips, but I surely indulged in the watermelon for dessert.

Steamed Oysters

This was the first time I have ordered steamed oysters. They offer them raw, but I decided it would be a good idea to try something new… and I was not let down. The oysters were steamed and served with a dirty butter, which has garlic and mixed seasoning with a slight spice. The dirty butter was the perfect addition to the warm oysters.

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I.C. Sharks is bound to be the new local hot spot, if it isn’t already. With friendly staff, delicious food and an inviting atmosphere I know I will be back often.

I.C. Sharks Bar & Cafe
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Fresh seafood served at an outdoor bar in St. Pete, FL.

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