Bite Into Your New Favorite Sandwich at Gateway Subs

Bite Into Your New Favorite Sandwich at Gateway Subs

Gateway Subs is a new sandwich shop that takes the sandwich game to levels far beyond a typical pub sub. Think incredibly fresh meat and savory sauces created and served by the nicest guys in town. You’ll find this casual spot tucked away on 3rd Ave N and 31st St N where Georgie’s Alibi used to be. The menu includes sandwiches, salads, breakfast options, vegan milkshakes, and more. With a great menu variation for all sorts of eaters, everyone gets a taste of the deliciousness.

One step inside Gateway Subs and you’ll feel like family. The staff behind the counter is made up of longtime friends from Boca Raton, hailing great vibes and even better sandwiches. Grant, the owner, is incredibly friendly and has a big heart for serving the community and spreading positivity. He chatted with us for a bit and shared a beautiful story about his motivation. The menu has a special sandwich called The Brycer which is in honor of his brother and keeping his legacy alive. A visit to Gateway Subs will easily brighten your day from the complaisant service and the sandwiches of course.

It’s hard not to love a hearty sandwich. You can order yours full or half and can customize it just how you like it. The deli meat is of high quality and the toppings are all vibrantly fresh.

The Spice Mélange comes with mayo, hot capicola, buffalo chicken breast, provolone, onion, hot peppers and the best part, crumbled jalapeño chips. I ordered mine with no onion, added banana peppers, lettuce, tomato and swapped out the hot for sweet peppers. Yes, the crushed jalapeño chips are a game changer and you need to order it for an extra crunch. Though it’s messy, it’s my favorite sandwich on the menu. If you love a spicy kick, you should try this one and top it with all of your favorites.

Gateway Subs Spice Mélange with Chips
Spice Mélange with Chips

Unashamedly, I ordered the same sandwich again because it’s literally just that good. This time I opted for my chips on the side. The buffalo chicken meat adds a blazing bite to your already flavorful sandwich. I’m obsessed with this sandwich.

Gateway Subs Spice Mélange
Spice Mélange

The Spicy Italian is mandatory lunch grub with pepperoni, hot capicola, ham, provolone, hot peppers, onion, lettuce, and tomato. I ordered mine with light mayo and no onions. This meaty sandwich is filling, fresh and straight-up amazing. It’s generously packed and overall incredible if you’re a meat lover.

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Gateway Subs Spicy Italian
Spicy Italian

Morning, noon or after work, there’s never a wrong time for a breakfast sandwich and Gateways Subs has you covered with the best. They have sweet, savory and spicy combinations to keep the options open.

The Famous breakfast croissant is an artisan sandwich you need to add to your morning routine now, with melted provolone, avocado spread, bacon and crumbled hard boiled egg tossed in B’s spicy ranch in between a toasted croissant. I ordered this on a particularly ravenous morning and it fulfilled all of my cravings.

Gateway Sub The Famous Croissant
The Famous Croissant

The coffee at Gateway Subs is just as important as the sandwiches. It certainly deserves a gold star for being extremely fresh and strong. They have a cold drip coffee tower in the shop so you know it’s legit.

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Gateway Subs Slow Drip Coffee Tower
Slow Drip Coffee Tower

As if your experience here wasn’t already enough, the icing on the cake is that they also have vegan milkshakes and they are delicious. The Espresso Milkshake is a magical blend of bananas, dates, almond milk, cinnamon, chocolate protein, and frozen cold brew ice cubes. If you love a smooth shake with a smooth caffeine buzz, then do yourself a favor and order this next time you’re in. They also have a rotating fruity shake so be sure to ask about it.

Gateway Subs Espresso Shake
Espresso Shake

Bite into your new favorite sandwich at Gateway Subs the next time you’re craving something delicious and fresh. I’m so happy to have met the crew here and can’t wait to continue going back.

Gateway Subs Mural
Gateway Subs Deli Meat
Deli Meat
Gateway Subs
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Serving high-quality, half-pound sandwiches, and house-brewed coffee.

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