Taylor Sam’s Brings New Jersey Flavors to Downtown St. Pete

Taylor Sam’s Brings New Jersey Flavors to Downtown St. Pete

Get your most important meal of the day at Taylor Sam’s in downtown St. Pete. The breakfast menu is top notch and has everything from a quick breakfast sandwich to hearty omelettes, specialty caffeinated drinks and more. Hungry for lunch? No problem. Whatever you’re craving, Taylor Sam’s has it.

It’s a casual spot for breakfast and lunch with dine in or to-go services. Every time I visited, I found a bustling vibe with families, business meetings, solo diners and more. Much like their first location in Brick, New Jersey, which opened up in 2013 with the goal of offering a great breakfast and lunch experience for the local residents and visitors to the Jersey Shore, it’s nice to see that similar vision here. Because St. Pete, as we know it, is tourists and locals alike.

Speaking of New Jersey, Taylor Sam’s got its name inspiration from Taylor Ham, also known as pork roll, a delightful meaty creation from the heart of New Jersey. John Taylor is credited with creating the product in the late 19th century. But the debate sizzles: Taylor Ham or pork roll? Whichever you choose, it’s undeniably delicious. The menu at Taylor Sam’s uses both.

Taylor Sams Breakfast
The Taylors Omelette is a hearty combination of three farm fresh eggs mixed with diced pork roll and American cheese, served with toast and home fries. We also added bacon and sausage. We loved the omelette, it was satisfying and provided the perfect amount of energy for the day. If you wake up ready to munch, you should try this.
Taylor Sams Taylors Omelette Homefries
Taylors Omelette

My go-to pick at Taylor Sam’s: The Original Taylor is their mouthwatering sandwich packed with pork roll, fried eggs and American cheese, all nestled between a kaiser roll. It’s an absolute must-try. I will continue to order this and recommend it to all. I believe you can also get it served on a New York bagel. It’s the perfect bite, filling, but not leaving you ready for a food coma, and the melted cheese gets me every time.

Taylor Sams The Original Taylor
The Original Taylor
Taylor Sams The Original Taylor Sandwich
The Original Taylor Sandwich

Auntie Karen chose the Taylors Benedict, a comforting delight boasting pork roll (she swapped it for sausage), poached eggs, creamy hollandaise, and a Thomas’ English muffin, accompanied by home fries. She also added a side of avocado. Verdict? Very good.

Taylor Sams Taylors Benedict
Taylors Benedict

I couldn’t pass up on the weekly special featuring hand-separated egg whites, smoked turkey bacon, baby spinach, homemade guacamole, chipotle sauce and a toasted fresh New York everything bagel, served with a side of melon. The option to add cheese was available but I decided to skip it. This was massive and a little hard to eat but the flavors were there. I especially loved the New York bagel for its perfect chewiness and distinctive taste. Chipotle sauce gave this perfect breakfast a little spice.

Taylor Sams Special Lighter Side NY Bagel
Special Lighter Side NY Bagel

A side of home fries is always a win. They’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Yes, please.

Taylor Sams Homefries

Auntie Karen’s favorite, an iced mocha. She liked it and said it gave her a long lasting caffeine buzz all day.

Taylor Sams Iced Mocha
Taylor Sams Iced Mocha

Not in a coffee mood? The freshly squeezed juice was incredibly refreshing, sweet and tangy.

Taylor Sams Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Taylor Sams Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

I’d like to go back to enjoy more of their lunch menu. They have burgers, sandwiches, bowls, soups, snacks and salads. I absolutely demolished the Taylor Chop Salad, which is a delightful mix of char-grilled chicken, olives (I asked to remove them), tomato, cucumber, chopped egg whites, bacon and cheddar over romaine, paired with my choice of dressing (balsamic). Think crisp, filling and the ideal lunch.

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Taylor Sams Taylors Chop Salad
Taylor Chop Salad

Taylor Sam’s is a great spot in downtown St. Pete. with an extensive and fresh menu. It’s a delight and the options seem endless. The staff’s optimism brings a local vibe to the place. My family that was visiting loved it too. It’s perfect for a fulfilling breakfast or lunch.

Taylor Sams Outside
Taylor Sams Outside
Taylor Sams Inside
Taylor Sams Sign
Taylor Sam's
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A from-scratch kitchen serving breakfast, lunch, pastries, specialty coffees and daily specials.

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