Booze, Food, and Rooftop Views at Pier Teaki at the St. Pete Pier

Booze, Food, and Rooftop Views at Pier Teaki at the St. Pete Pier

Cheers every night of the week with a tiki-inspired drink at Pier Teaki at the New St. Pete Pier. Pier Teaki is a vibin’ new spot at the end of the pier on the third level with high top seating, lounge couches, reservable tiki huts and two bars. Plus, there’s a fun tiki photo op so you can snap a fun image for Instagram or Facebook.

The rooftop and open-air concept is great for the cooler temps that are approaching and for catching a lovely sunset behind our beautiful downtown skyline, but be sure to check the radar before going because it’s not ideal on a rainy day per se. The atmosphere here definitely draws in a fun crowd looking to enjoy drinks and light bar bites with a killer view of the St. Pete skyline, Tampa Bay and more.

Pier Teaki Tiki Guy and Skyline
Tiki Guy and St. Pete Skyline
Pier Teaki Atmosphere
Pier Teaki Festive Atmosphere
Pier Teaki Atmosphere Tiki Huts
Tiki Huts Available for Reservations
Pier Teaki Atmosphere Photo Op
Seating and Tiki Photo Opportunity
Pier Teaki View of St Petersburg Skyline
View of the St. Petersburg Skyline

It’s hot here, so why not cool off with a frozen tiki drink or boozy cocktail? The drink menu at Pier Teaki has every beachy drink imaginable. My favorites include a frozen Piña Colada and a Rum Runner. The drinks are strong and fruity, so if you’re into that, you can’t go wrong with any of their offerings. Of course, they have beer, wine and a ton of rum on their drink menu too.

Pier Teaki Cocktails Kill the Pain and Rum Runner
Kill the Pain and Pier Teaki Rum Runner

Ahh. A fruity drink with a nice view of my favorite city is a win-win! The Kill the Pain cocktail is Diplomático Mantuano aged rum & Planas white rum, RumHaven, pineapple, and orange juice. The Pier Teaki Rum Runner is Bounty silver & dark rum, blackberry brandy, Bols banana, pineapple, orange juice, and grenadine. Both of the cocktails were refreshing and transported you to the islands with every sip.

Ahoy! Let’s talk about the food at Pier Teaki. The bar bites menu offers tasty options that are great. The menu is on the smaller side which makes the decision making simpler. I’d recommend ordering a few things to share with your friends while you sip cocktails on the lounge couches as the sun is setting. Sounds nice, right?

Pier Teaki Wings, Grouper Sandwich, Fish Spread
Wings, Grouper Sandwich, and Fish Spread
Pier Teaki Wings
Fried Buffalo Chicken Wings

The Fried Buffalo Chicken Wings were meaty and saucy. They were lick your fingers clean good. The wings were pretty mild, but there was a slight kick by the time I finished the last one. This order comes with 6 wings, celery, carrots and ranch. I’d recommend ordering these if you don’t mind getting your hands messy for a good eat!

Pier Teaki Fish Spread
Fish Spread

Check out this glorious plate with plenty of munchable options. The Fish Spread is teak spiced fish, plantain chips and crackers, pickled peppers and cashews. The amount of fish spread was plentiful for my mom and I to share and still have some leftover on the plate. If you like to snack on something with a cocktail nearby, this is a great option for you.

Pier Teaki Grouper Sandwich
Your Way Grouper Sandwich

Before I get to the main item, I first want to point out how excellent the sweet potato fries were. I can’t wait to have them again. They were crispy and perfectly salted.

So, the Your Way Grouper Sandwich, I ordered it grilled, was good too. However, I think it was missing something. Maybe I should have gotten it blackened or fried for more flavor. I still ate it because it was simple and good, but I’d suggest ordering it blackened because that’s what I was wishing I did. The portion size of this sandwich was also generous.

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Pier Teaki Fish Tacos
Fish Tacos
Pier Teaki Fish Tacos Close up
Fish Tacos Close up

Fish are food, not friends. Wait…

But seriously, the Fish Tacos were my favorite menu item at Pier Teaki with citrus spiced mahi, flour tortilla, green tomato pico de gallo, slaw and queso fresco. These fish tacos were so tasty. I especially loved the slaw mixture for a refreshing crunch and the queso fresco. The citrus spiced mahi was very fresh and well flavored, like salty but with a citrus kick too. The fish tacos are my go to here and I’ll recommend them to everyone who asks what to order when visiting.

Pier Teaki Sweet BBQ Chicken Flatbread
Pier Teaki Sweet BBQ Chicken Flatbread

The bar bites menu includes three flatbreads: Sweet BBQ Chicken Flatbread, Vegetarian Flatbread, and Cheesiest Flatbread. The Sweet BBQ Chicken Flatbread that we ordered has roasted peppers, fennel & leeks, mozzarella and chimichurri. The chimichurri drizzle was a unique twist that really made this flatbread stand out with a tangy and refreshing flavor.

A flatbread is always a good idea in my eyes, but I’d especially order this if you’re in the mood for something familiar and delicious. With six slices, it’s awesome for sharing or enjoying on your own if you’re ready to eat.

Pier Teaki Fish Tacos and Views
Fish Tacos and Views

If you’re into great food, booze and views, then Pier Teaki is calling your name. This is a fun spot to take out-of-towners to show off our breathtaking city or for that beach bar vibe without traveling to the actual beach. Cheers, friends!

Pier Teaki
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Rooftop tiki bar at the St. Pete Pier featuring coastal inspired bar bites and rum focused tiki cocktails.

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