E.B.I Sushi: Your New Neighborhood Sushi Restaurant

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Whether you're a sushi fanatic or just starting to explore dishes beyond California rolls, E.B.I Sushi offers familiar items and interesting Asian plates. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I know what you're thinking. What does E.B.I stand for? Simply put: exquisite, bold, inspiring. E.B.I Sushi brings fresh flavors and a warm environment to St. Pete's sushi scene.

Tucked away on the ever-changing north 4th Street, E.B.I Sushi revamped one of the prior Hook's locations. When you walk inside, you'll be welcomed by the cheerful team and seated in a comfortable spot either at the sushi bar or at a booth or table. The modern aesthetic is refreshing and exciting.

Before diving into the sushi the appetizers are a must, ranging from traditional to fun.

EBI Sushi Pork Gyoza

Pork Gyoza

The  Gyoza immediately caught our attention and we decided to go with the pork filled dumplings. The crispy golden brown on the outside and the juicy Japanese pork on the inside made for the perfect bite. I'd highly recommend starting with these.

Back at home, I had to order them again only this time I went with the shrimp filled gyoza. They were delicious too, but I liked the texture of the pork gyoza filling just slightly more.

EBI Sushi Shrimp Gyoza

Shrimp Gyoza

You can’t go wrong by following your instincts when you see edamame on the menu, especially with an EBI spicy mix. These were smothered in the special spicy mix and were extremely addictive. If you like spice, this is for you.

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EBI Sushi Edamame


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At the restaurant, our waiter brought us a California roll with three special fish egg toppings from the Chef. She said that they each had a different taste based on the color. Green was wasabi, yellow was yuzu lemon and red was habanero.

EBI Sushi Stoplight


My favorite was the green wasabi, then the habanero, and then yuzu lemon. I think this is just based on personal preference as I fall more to the spicy side of flavors. The concept of flavored fish eggs was unique and something new that I hadn't seen or tried before.

EBI Sushi Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

Perfectly sliced and fresh sashimi is the way to my heart. I absolutely love salmon sashimi and will never, ever, pass it up. The salmon sashimi at E.B.I Sushi was deliciously tasty and fresh.

EBI Sushi SS Crunch Roll

SS Crunch Roll

For my main roll, I decided to go with a crunchy option, the SS Crunch Roll. A packed shrimp tempura roll,  covered with crunch and a spicy scallop mix, my tastebuds were extremely happy. The scallop mix has a slight kick to it, too. The shrimp tempura was delicious and perfectly crispy and refreshing.

My friend ordered the Spicy Tuna Roll and the Spicy Salmon Crunch Roll, both were tantalizingly tasty. We will be back for more.

EBI Sushi Spicy Tuna Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

EBI Sushi Spicy Salmon Crunch Roll

EBI Sushi Spicy Salmon Crunch Roll

Another great original roll, the Salmon Avocado Roll. Sometimes a simple roll hits the spot  and it certainly did here. The salmon was amazing as I stated already with the sashimi, and the fresh avocado made this roll easy to fall in love with.

EBI Sushi Salmon Avocado Roll

Salmon Avocado Roll

And lastly, the Spidy Man Roll, a soft shell crab roll with Japanese vegetables, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, crab meat and tempura sauce.

EBI Sushi Spidy Man Roll

Spidy Man Roll

EBI Sushi Spidy Man Roll close up

Spidy Man Roll close up

This mouthwatering roll is one to remember. I really enjoyed the crunch from the veggies and the delicious crab meat. This roll had a lot going on, in a good way. If you like an adventurous bite, I'd recommend this one.

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Whether you're going out or ordering in, E.B.I Sushi is a great spot to add to your rotation to fulfill your sushi cravings. They also have Japanese plates and other offerings if you're not in the mood for sushi specifically. Their attention to detail, fresh seafood, and the ability to perfect each bite is immaculate and I look forward to going back for more.

E.B.I Sushi
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EBI, Sushi and More is an Asian Fusion scratch kitchen with a focus on the best Sushi in Town.

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