Good Intentions is St. Pete’s Newest Essential Vegan Restaurant

Good Intentions is St. Pete’s Newest Essential Vegan Restaurant

Proving once and for all that vegan food is just as delicious as meat-based dishes, Good Intentions is serving a slew of endless possibilities of yummy plant-based starters and entrees in a down-to-earth space. This is a hip new vegan restaurant in St. Petersburg that is essential for vegans and non-vegans, so don’t let the word “vegan” scare you off…trust me. You’ll love the atmosphere just as much as the menu.

Grab a seat at their chic, airy dining room or the boho-styled bar and enjoy something that’s healthy and good for the environment all while sipping on a refreshing cocktail. Good Intentions sprouted recently as they are still in their soft opening phase. Plus it scores major brownie points for its latest addition of an in-house pastry chef which I didn’t save room for but will next time.

“I never thought I would be so stuffed from a vegan restaurant,” the statement of the night by my favorite foodie plus one, Aunty Karen. Don’t be fooled by the idea of a vegan restaurant, you won’t leave hungry. Good Intentions has hearty meals that you’ll feel good about eating and will leave you very satisfied.

Good Intentions Exterior
Good Intentions Exterior

If there’s one thing you take away from this review, it’s to order the Whipped Ricotta as a starter. How this is vegan is a mystery to me but spend less time trying to figure that out and more time consuming it. This lemon whip is topped with savory pistachio pesto and Szechuan chile agave served with crisp and toasted crostinis. A winning start by far and if you ask anyone who’s tried it, they would certainly agree. Expect the perfect bite with creamy ricotta and tangy pesto.

Good Intentions Whipped Ricotta
Whipped Ricotta

I have a confession to make. I’ve never had tofu before. Don’t come for me, Vegans. I’ve always been scared to try it because everyone always says the texture is weird. Well, Good Intentions did a wonderful job with these Tofu Fries because the texture was fine. They’re soft on the inside and the outside was nicely crisp and perfectly coated in sauce. You can get them naked or tossed in either buffalo sauce, Carolina BBQ, or Thai chili. We did the Thai chili sauce and I would suggest it as it adds a ton of flavor. I’d like to admit that I would order these again and I’ve overcome my fear of tofu.

Good Intentions Tofu Fries
Tofu Fries Tossed in Thai Chili

The Skyway Melt Burger was delicious with a Beyond Burger, St. Pete Ferments Kimchi mayo, caramelized onion, and white cheese all smashed in between toasted garlic sourdough. The irresistible crispy edges of the Beyond Burger and the ooey gooey melted cheese combo was absolute perfection. The fries were incredible too with a good amount of seasoning.


Additionally, on this portion of the menu, there are a few salads and sandwiches to choose from that are all unique and sound very tasty like the Beyond Sausage Shishito Pepper Sandwich and the Tarpon Style Greek Salad.

Good Intentions Skyway Melt Burger
Skyway Melt Burger

The Mains section of the menu has an interesting array of entrees. Our server suggested the Seasonal Gnocchi so without blinking an eye, we ordered it because who doesn’t love gnocchi? This satisfying dish was big enough to share and was very interesting with lemon garlic butter, sauteed mushrooms, sundried tomato, blistered heirloom tomato, charred corn, caramelized onion, grated parmesan and basil Szechuan oil. Your tastebuds will be happy, especially if you love a zesty dish with lots of veggies. There’s definitely a sweet tangy bite with the lemon garlic butter, which I thought was unique, citrusy and refreshing.

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Good Intentions Seasonal Gnocchi
Seasonal Gnocchi

The Kimchi Fried Rice was such a flavorful dish on the menu. I’d have to say this was my favorite dish at Good Intentions. Served with crispy fried jasmine rice, scrambled Just Egg, kimchi, sweet soy reduction, fried devilish crab balls, kewpie aioli, and scallion. The flavors here are quite intense and there’s a spicy kick. The devilish crab balls are utterly delectable and comforting. You can also share this dish as the portion size was pretty big.

Good Intentions Kimchi Fried Rice
Kimchi Fried Rice

Their daily special, a Kale Ceasar was a great choice for a crunchy bite that leaves you feeling happy and healthy. You can add tofu or tempeh for some extra protein too. Hopefully they add this to their main menu, as it was that good.

Good Intentions Special Kale Salad
Daily Special Kale Salad

The bar pours some very impressive cocktails that really make a good impression on the thriving cocktail scene in St. Pete. I tried the 16 Dances, Saturn, Venetian Spritz, Mind Reader (with Vodka), and Espresso Martini. If you’re looking for a hip place to sip on some refreshing cocktails in the Grand Central District, Good Intentions is a trustworthy spot to do so.

Good Intentions Cocktails
Cocktails: 16 Dances and Venetian Spritz

The vibe is hip and laid back with cool servers. I arrived right at 5pm each visit and it wasn’t too busy but by the time I left it was a packed house both times. Tip: arrive early for a spot or squeeze your way into the bar while you wait for a table.

Good Intentions Interior
Good Intentions Interior
Good Intentions Bar
Good Intentions Bar
Good Intentions Dining
Good Intentions Dining
Good Intentions Cocktail Seating
Good Intentions Cocktail Seating

Keep in mind the menu might change as they’re still in the soft opening stage.

If there’s one thing St. Pete is good at, it’s providing people that love to go out to eat and drink, a variety of options. I’m content knowing we all have Good Intentions, whether we’re vegan or not, to experience unique and trendy food and drink options in the booming Grand Central District.

Good Intentions
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