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La Casa Del Pane is St. Pete’s Bustling Bakeshop by the Beach

Casa Special Sandwich

I have a thing for Italian bakeshops. On a Saturday morning, there’s just nothing better than the aroma of hot coffee and fresh baked bread wafting through the air. Beautiful pastries lining the refrigerated cases, cappuccinos brewing one-by-one, and everything from eggs to sandwiches being enjoyed by content patrons –  that’s precisely what you can expect the atmosphere at La … Continue Reading

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Grace Restaurant Expands to Gracie Pasta & Provisions

Making Fresh Pasta

Speaking with Chef and Co-Owner of Grace Restaurant, Marlin Kaplin, by phone yesterday, we learned of their new endeavor, Gracie Pasta & Provisions.

Right next to their current location, coming in May 2020, they will have an Italian market where they make fresh pasta every day. There will be pasta-making classes as well. You will be able to buy pasta-making … Continue Reading

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