NuMex Chile Keeps Getting Better and Better

Red Chile with Ground Beef

When we first told you about NuMex Chile in the Grand Central District of St. Pete, we talked about traditional New Mexican fare (as in the US state), and there were no tacos or burritos.

There are still traditional New Mexican dishes using the famous Hatch Chiles, but there are also tacos, burritos and a few other new items. When … Continue Reading

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NuMex Serves Up Delicious Traditional New Mexican Fare

NuMex specializes in New Mexican cuisine where the chile peppers are the star of the show. Specifically, Hatch chiles from the Hatch Valley in New Mexico, which is like the “Napa Valley of Chiles”.

The soil and growing conditions in the Hatch Valley create a unique terroir which contributes to the flavor of chiles grown there. Wikipedia

The restaurant is … Continue Reading

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