Grassroots Kava House: That One Cool Spot to Chill in St. Pete

Grassroots Kava House: That One Cool Spot to Chill in St. Pete

Equal parts trendy and authentic, Grassroots Kava House in St. Pete shares a creative and vintage-like space where locals go to enjoy kava, kratom, coffee, tea and good vibes. You’re instantly invited into a creative space with a unique interior from a vintage phone booth leading you upstairs to a collection of saved mirrors and frames all around the walls, and more. With the number of coffee shops in St. Pete, it’s hard to stand out, but Grassroots shines on Central Avenue and many locals know it!

Exterior & 2nd floor balcony
Exterior & 2nd-floor balcony
Vintage Interior
Vintage Interior
Fun Interior - 2nd Floor
Fun Interior – 2nd Floor

Kava is a completely different world for me and honestly, I was kind of intimidated! I didn’t know what to order and I was really hesitant about the whole thing. After talking to Gravy, one of the owners, and learning more about kava, I decided to say ‘Bula!’ and take a sip. Saying Bula is a way for everyone in the cafe to cheers, and finish their shell of kava. This is another great thing about the shop; the community feel and atmosphere.

Kava is a root of the pepper plant from Pacific island communities. It is an earthy drink that is consumed to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. It also creates a sense of euphoria and happiness. Sounds amazing right? One downfall is that it kind of tastes like complete dirt. If you know, you know.

Traditional Kava at Grassroots Kava House

They serve traditional kava – Ohana (relaxes the body and mind), Lahul (relaxes the mind), and Koa (relaxes the body). I had a hard time getting over the taste, so we added cacao which made it taste much better, almost like chocolate milk.  You can add one of their house-made syrups like blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, peach and more, for just $1 or try it with almond or coconut milk. Anything to help get it down, right? My lips were numb and I was feeling at ease after just a few sips.

Kava Mule at Grassroots Kava
Kava Mule at Grassroots Kava

In addition to traditional kava, they also offer an entire kava cocktail list ranging in flavors from fruity to chai to chocolate. Being the moscow mule enthusiast that I am, I went with their popular, Kava Mule. For taste, I would recommend getting a flavored cocktail, this was refreshing and left the same effect: numb lips and tongue, and slightly more calm and relaxed.

Blind Tiger Cold Brew Coffee at Grassroots
Blind Tiger Cold Brew Coffee at Grassroots

Okay so maybe you’re not in the mood for kava, but you want to be in a cool, dog-friendly environment all while drinking some cold brew. They serve Blind Tiger coffee which is locally roasted and straight-up delicious. One of my favorite local roasters in St. Pete! They have a coffee and espresso section on their menu with drip coffee, MADE nitro coffee, lattes, macchiatos and more.

Gunpowder Green Moroccan Mint Iced Tea
Gunpowder Green Moroccan Mint Iced Tea

Their standard, herbal infused and botanical tea list is exceptional! I really enjoyed the gunpowder green moroccan mint iced tea, made to order with Chinese gunpowder tea and mint. It was light, refreshing and just what I needed.

Grassroots Soda
Grassroots Soda

To cater to pretty much everyone, they even carry their own soda line. Additionally, they have other bottled drinks like kombucha and lemonade. Looking for a snack? They carry Glenn Family Bakery items with CBD and gluten-free options.

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A cool thing I’d also like to mention is that Pup Active hosts a Rescue Dog Yoga on the first Saturday of every month here. Enjoy a yoga class and maybe go home with a furry friend from SPCA Tampa Bay. Grassroots is extremely dog-friendly and you’ll notice as you visit the shop that there are dogs, both big and small, chillin’ out too.

Dive into the community at Grassroots Kava House for a relaxing, creative, funky time! Bula!

Grassroots Kava House
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Sociable setting for hanging out over various kava & kratom drinks plus coffee & tea until late.

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