Coffee and Breakfast Enthusiasts, Have You Tried Uptown Eats?

Coffee and Breakfast Enthusiasts, Have You Tried Uptown Eats?

Look out St. Pete coffee lovers, there’s a new coffee shop in town. Uptown Eats is a funky neighborhood coffee shop serving up fresh coffee and tasty food and pastry options, all made in house. The neighborhood vibe at Uptown Eats gives off such a friendly aesthetic that you’ll feel like a regular right away. Plus, after one visit, I bet you’ll become a regular especially if you try a pastry, which by the way, you need to.

Uptown Eats is located near downtown St. Pete on Dr M.L.K. Jr St N. They have indoor seating with a super cool mural. You can also take your coffee and coffee cake outside which has been ideal lately with these cooler morning temperatures.

The coffee at Uptown Eats is truly phenomenal. They source their coffee from Blazing Bean Roasters in Clearwater. Every sip I’ve had has been fresh and smooth whether it was served over ice, hot or as a latte.

Uptown Eats Black Coffee and Iced Coffee
Hot Black Coffee and Iced Coffee with Oat Milk

The best way to try the true taste of coffee is by sipping it plain black. My mom and I approve of the taste and smoothness. If you really love it and want to make this coffee at home, Uptown Eats sells it by the bag for you.

Uptown Eats Mocha Iced Coffee and Iced Oat Milk Latte
Mocha Iced Coffee and Iced Oat Milk Latte with Sugar Free Vanilla

Of course, I had to order my signature Iced Oat Milk Latte with Vanilla. It was so creamy and slightly sweet, just how I like it. My aunt got an Iced Coffee with Mocha, her specialty order, and she loved it too. We slurped these down with our delicious breakfast.

Uptown Eats Pull Apart Pretzel Everything Bagel
Pull Apart Pretzel Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese
Uptown Eats Pull Apart Pretzel Everything Bagel Close up
Pull Apart Pretzel Everything Bagel Close up

Run, don’t walk. The house made Pull Apart Pretzel Everything Bagel is exactly what you need. It’s fluffy and airy on the inside with a light toast and saltiness on the outside. Most importantly, it’s served warm. If warm and delightful carbs are calling your name in the morning, you must give this a try.

Uptown Eats Uptown Express Sandwich
Uptown Express Sandwich with Bacon and White Cheddar

All it took was one bite for me to know that this breakfast sandwich is my new favorite in all of St. Pete. The Uptown Express Sandwich is served on a brioche bun with a single fried egg, white cheddar and uptown sauce. You can also add bacon, sautéed daily greens, tomato or all of the above. I added bacon, of course. The uptown sauce reminds me of a lighter hollandaise sauce and it’s very subtle so you can still taste each flavor of the other ingredients. I absolutely love this sandwich. It’s perfect for a magic hangover cure and for those on the go mornings when you don’t have time to cook something yourself.

Uptown Eats Uptown Express with Everything
Uptown Express with Sautéed Greens, Tomato and White Cheddar

I met my aunt for coffee and breakfast, and she ordered the Uptown Express Sandwich with added sautéed greens, tomato, and white cheddar. She too loved the sandwich and completely understood why I was hyping it up so much. I think we may have a new go-to coffee/breakfast meet up spot now because of this sammy.

Uptown Eats Uptown Express Bowl
Uptown Express Bowl

If you liked the sound of the ingredients that created the Uptown Express Sandwich but weren’t crazy about the brioche bun, you can order it in a bowl form with potatoes instead. The potatoes were excellent, soft on the inside and seasoned and crunchy on the outside.

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Uptown Eats Greens N Things
Uptown Eats Greens and Things Close Up
Greens-N-Things Close Up

The Greens-N-Things is made up of sautéed daily greens and topped with a housemade cornbread crumble, perfectly fried eggs, black beans, sweet potato, avocado, green onions, cotija cheese and a slightly-spicy jalapeño aioli. I really enjoyed this meal. It had a variety of flavors from sweet to spicy.

Uptown Eats Zucchini Red Pepper Fetta Frittata
Uptown Eats Zucchini Red Pepper Fetta Frittata

If you’re a savory person, the frittata is the way to go. The ingredients that are added to the frittatas change daily and I was so glad when the barista listed off the elements for this specific day with zucchini, red peppers and feta. I love a good frittata and this one was great! It’s an ideal breakfast to split with someone as it comes in two slices. Plus, that way you can save some room for a pastry too.

Speaking of pastries, all of these heavenly sweets are made in house and are glorious. From oatmeal bars to scones and biscuits, the options are endless and the portion sizes are huge.

Uptown Eats Baked Goods
Baked Goods with Gluten-Free Options
Uptown Eats Blueberry Pastry
Blueberry Coffee Cake Bar

This Blueberry Coffee Cake Bar was outstanding. The top layer reminded me of a graham cracker crust as you’d find in a pie. Each bite had fresh blueberries and was remarkably moist.

Uptown Eats offers a special Monday Meal where every Monday, they prepare a delicious, home cooked ready to eat takeout meal for dinner. You can order it with or without meat and they have gluten-free options. This is a cool concept that I’d like to try since Mondays can get crazy sometimes and it’s nice to have this option in the neighborhood.

They also have a Mug Club with unlimited drip coffee and 50% off any specialty coffee. You can get it hot or iced, you’ll just need to bring in your branded tumbler with you each time. The Mug Club is $30 for all you can drink, fresh coffee.

I’m a coffee shop enthusiast. I love trying new ones out but I also enjoy having my favorite spots that I frequent often. Uptown Eats really impressed me with the quality of food, the friendly staff, and the delicious coffee. My go-to order is an iced oat milk latte with sugar-free vanilla and an Uptown Express sandwich with bacon. Trust me on this one.

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Breakfast, bakery, coffee. House made with St. Pete soul with vegetarian and gluten-free options.

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