IceBurg Rolled Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Review September 2018

IceBurg Rolled Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Review September 2018

What started as a frozen yogurt shop, manifested into a rolled ice cream spot, perfect at fulfilling your ice cream cravings in a variety of unique ways.

IceBurg Interior: Menu

Roll on into IceBurg Rolled Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt located in the heart of Downtown St. Petersburg where they serve plenty of desserts like Thai rolled ice cream, scooped nitro ice cream, frozen yogurt and more.

IceBurg Toppings

The owner of IceBurg and Sab Cafe, Damron, walked us through the process of their most popular items. And let me tell you, everything we tried was excellent but the experience of watching how everything was made was incredible. The precise steps that go into rolled ice cream is so fun to watch and luckily they craft it right in front of you.

Check out the video below to fully grasp how each treat was created!

IceBurg Rolling the King Samoa

In a nutshell, a milk-based liquid is poured onto an extremely cold, chilled circle grill. Then, once the base freezes, it gets mixed and chopped. After about a minute, it’s spread out across the chilled grill and with a spatula the ice cream is scraped to form the roll. IceBurg also offers a vegan coconut or sugar free bases to accommodate all needs.

IceBurg Rolling the King Samoa- Close Up

With 10 flavors to choose from on the rolled ice cream menu, I took charge and ordered the King Samoa which happened to be their most popular. You can also combine flavors to create the perfect treat just for you.

IceBurg’s King Samoa Thai Rolled Ice Cream

The King Samoa Thai Rolled Ice Cream was delicious which made it easy to believe that it’s their top selling flavor. The vanilla based ice cream was paired with Nutella, caramel swirl and crushed graham crackers. A simple combination of ingredients, yet once rolled you’re able to add more toppings to your liking!

For those who prefer more fruity flavors, the Cotton Candy Thai Rolled Ice Cream is for you.

IceBurg’s Cotton Candy Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Underneath the fluffy pink and blue cotton candy is rolled cotton candy ice cream. Yes, cotton candy ice cream is a thing at IceBurg. They incorporate cotton candy into their milk-based mixture and then roll it into five perfect rolls. This treat is super sweet and sugary, perfect if you are in need of a little mid-day sugar fixing.

Next up, the most Instagram worthy ice cream cone I’ve ever seen, the Cotton Candy Cone.

IceBurg’s Cotton Candy Cone

Every kid’s dreams just came true! IceBurg’s Cotton Candy Cone starts with ice cream or frozen yogurt on a waffle cone. Then the best part, the cotton candy! Just like the rolled ice cream, customers are able to watch their cotton candy spin up and around their ice cream cone. Now, this is definitely the sweetest dessert that I’ve had since being a kid, but I enjoyed it more than I’d like to admit. I got raspberry froyo for my base which was very refreshing. The cotton candy was fluffy and sugary as you probably remember from your childhood. A+ for presentation and sugar rush.

So far you’ve seen rolled ice cream, frozen yogurt and cotton candy, and you’re probably thinking what else could there be? Well… have you ever heard of Ice Dragons?

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IceBurg’s Ice Dragons: Liquid Infused Cereal Balls

Ice Dragons are colorful fruity cereal balls infused with liquid nitrogen that will make your mouth and nose exhale with a cool fog. The experience is the fun part as you truly look like a dragon breathing out “smoke” all while enjoying the Fruity Pebble taste of the cereal balls. They also offer dessert sauces to dip the Ice Dragons in. I tried the strawberry sauce and it paired great with the fruity cereal taste. It’s important to note that these are safe to consume! Be sure to read the precautions on the menu before.

Speaking of nitrogen, IceBurg also offers scoops of ice cream with liquid nitrogen, creating a cold and creamy texture.

IceBurg’s Cookies & Cream Liquid Nitrogen Mix

The Oreo pieces identify the ‘Cookies’ and the liquid nitrogen makes the consistency of the ice cream ‘Creamy’. The science experiment of adding the liquid nitrogen to the ice cream creates a lot of fog that makes the experience of waiting very unique and intriguing. We added the chocolate sprinkles and Oreo cookie on top for an extra chocolate boost, although the ice cream was great alone.

It’s not only about going out to get a scoop of ice cream. At IceBurg they make their desserts in a unique way that makes them stand out and gets people coming back for the experience! You can let the good times roll with a little help from these amazing sweets and treats!

IceBurg Interior: Toppings and Nitrogen Tanks
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We are located in the heart of foodie district in downtown St. Petersburg. Whether you need to satisfy a sweet tooth, or are going to stop by before or after grabbing a bite to eat, your day isn't complete without a little sweet treat.

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