Alsace in St. Petersburg: A French Bistro To Ooh là là About!

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Alsace in St. Petersburg: A French Bistro To Ooh là là About!

Alsace French Bistro in Tierra Verde is charming especially if you’re fond of French and German culture. The history behind Alsace is quite unique. Here’s the rundown: David and Sebastian, the chefs and owners of Alsace, are both Alsacian which is a special region of France that has a slight German twist to it. They immigrated from France to Wisconsin 6 years ago and like many of us, they weren’t crazy about the winters and decided to move down to sunny Florida. They stumbled upon this German owned restaurant which they immediately felt at home at and decided to make it their own, creating Alsace French Bistro in 2016.

The quaint atmosphere and I mean literally quaint as there are less than 10 tables in the whole restaurant is a lovely merge of French and German traditions and history. Seating is very limited so be sure to call ahead and make a reservation and leave a message if they don’t answer… I learned the hard way but luckily they were able to squeeze us in and everything turned out okay.

Alsace Interior
Alsace Interior

Quintessentially French, with the menu to prove it, Alsace serves immaculate appetizers and entrees, plus crepes at all hours of the day. It’s the ideal place to forget about counting calories and really allow yourself to enjoy each flavorful bite or wile away the hours with a glass or two of bubbles.

Alsace Pinot Gris d’Alace, Poinsettia, Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Gris d’Alsace, Poinsettia, Sauvignon Blanc

The wine menu is a variety of reds, whites, and bubbles. I had the Pinot Gris d’ Alsace which was crisp, light and refreshing. I could drink this all day. The Poinsettia is champagne and cranberry juice which Aunt Karen and Taylor both enjoyed. The Sauvignon Blanc was deliciously dry and light per usual. According to Alsace’s Facebook page, their wine menu will be changing soon.

To start, of course we had to order the French onion soup…Soupe A L’oignon Gratinée.

Alsace Soupe A L’oignon Gratinée
Soupe A L’oignon Gratinée
Alsace Soupe A L’oignon Gratinée Cheesiness
Soupe A L’oignon Gratinée Cheesiness
Alsace Soupe A L’oignon Gratinée Cheese Pull
Soupe A L’oignon Gratinée Cheese Pull

The Soupe A L’oignon Gratinée is a steamy and cheesy bowl of heaven with loads of onions, croutons and gooey cheese. The onions are caramalized and outstanding. The cheesiness was my favorite part.

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The second appetizer we ordered was the Escargots.

Alsace Escargots
Alsace Escargots on Bread
Escargots on Bread

The Escargots is a creamy bowl of six snails, out of the shells, smothered in a white wine garlic cream sauce. The sauce in the dish is almost as delicious as the escargots themselves and the bread was perfect for soaking up every last bit. The escargots were soft and tasty and truly transferred me to a French bistro.

Alsace Dinner Entrees
Dinner Entrees

From chicken breast to duck and everything in between, Alsace has a variety of dinner entrees that really sparked our interest. We decided to order a few entrees and share them all. Each entree comes with a small side salad and a choice of a side like French fries, potatoes, fettuccine pasta, red cabbage, white rice, and a few more. Everything came out steaming hot and was out of this world delicious.

Alsace Steak Au Poivre, French Fries, Salad
Steak Au Poivre, French Fries, Side Salad
Alsace Steak Au Poivre Close Up
Steak Au Poivre Close Up

The Steak Au Poivre is filet mignon wrapped in bacon, seared on the stove and served with a black peppercorn cream sauce and we paired it with crispy French fries. The filet mignon was cooked a little more rare than we’d like but it was still very good and smoky. We all appreciated the crispiness from the bacon and the sauciness from the black peppercorn cream sauce was a brilliant pair. The French fries were amazing too with just the right amount of salt, crisp and crunch. The side salad was very light and refreshing and it made us feel a little less guilty knowing we were incorporating some greens with these heavy meals too.

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Alsace Canard A L’Orange, Potatoes and Salad
Canard A L’Orange, Potatoes and Side Salad
Alsace Orange Mustard Glaze on the Canard A L’Orange
Orange Mustard Glaze on the Canard A L’Orange

The Canard A L’Orange entree is crispy duck with a decadent orange mustard glaze served with a side salad and your choice of a side. We chose the potatoes and they’re deliciously sauteed in parsley, butter and garlic. The crispy duck itself is a classic and should not be missed. If you really want a flavorful meal, this is it. The duck was prepared perfectly and really melted in your mouth. For a zesty, sweet and light kick, the orange mustard glaze will do the trick.

Alsace Cordon Bleu
Cordon Bleu, Red Cabbage and Side Salad
Alsace Cordon Bleu Mushroom Cream Sauce Pour
Cordon Bleu Mushroom Cream Sauce Pour

The Cordon Bleu was a beautifully tasting dish that has been in my dreams ever since the first bite. This dish includes breaded chicken breast with ham and swiss cheese inside, served with mushroom cream sauce and a side salad. The side that we chose here was the Red Cabbage cooked in red wine and apples. The chicken breast was immaculate from the juicy meat to the warm ham and melted cheese in the middle, plus the breaded outside was a wow-moment of seasonings. The mushroom cream sauce added an earthy yet creamy flavor too. Surprisingly, the red cabbage was the talk of the table for its zesty kick and carmalized sweet finish. You can definitely taste the red wine here too.

My friends and I all agreed that we would be back for this dish in a heartbeat. It was insanely tasty and had so many great characteristics in every bite.

If you didn’t think we would have room for dessert, well you’re right… But that didn’t stop us!

Alsace Lavender Creme Brûlée
Lavender Creme Brûlée

The Lavender Creme Brulee was outstanding. The caramelized sugar on top was perfect and the sweet custard underneath had a unique floral aroma.

Alsace Crepe Salted Caramel
Crepe Salted Caramel

You can’t go to a French restaurant and not order a crepe. Luckily, Alsace has a variety of crepes to pick from and I guarantee that you will fall in love with the salted caramel crepe. The salted caramel is homemade with equal parts sweet and salty. The crepe itself was ideal with the soft texture and slight gooeyness we all know and love.

Alsace is a lovely French Bistro just waiting to be discovered. Make your way here for endless great options. I’m eyeing their weekend brunch menu for my next trip, stay tuned!

Alsace French Bistro
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Alsace-inspired French brasserie.

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