Chai Mixology Offers Raw-Some Poké Bowls in Downtown St. Pete

Chai Mixology Offers Raw-Some Poké Bowls in Downtown St. Pete

The poké bowl craze has officially hit St. Pete with tasty meals available all along Central Ave and beyond. Chai Mixology has a mission to rethink fast food by providing delicious, beautifully healthy meals to fuel your day-to-day.

Located in the Edge District in St. Petersburg, which is becoming a major food hub itself with unique offerings left and right, Chai Mixology is ideal for picking up a healthy poké bowl paired with a refreshing fruit smoothie, and with boba of course.

The menu at Chai Mixology is made of signature poké bowls, a build-your-own poké bowl, bubble tea, smoothies, and smoothie bowls. If you don’t know where to start with poké bowls, try to think about your ideal sushi roll and what its made of, then add a few more fresh ingredients and sauce it up!

Chai Mixology Mixology Poke Bowl
Mixology Poké Bowl

The Mixology Poké Bowl is my personal favorite and I have officially found my go-to order for next time and the time after that too! Like sushi, once I find a perfect combination of flavors, I have a hard time venturing out to trying something else. Is it just me?

This wonderful bowl is packed with ahi tuna, salmon, seaweed, cucumber, carrots, ginger spicy mayo, wasabi yuzu, sesame seed and soy sauce. On the menu it’s listed with onions, but I prefer no onions. The base of the bowl is either sushi rice or salad. I went with sushi rice and they really pack it in there. The tasty ingredients, fresh fish and spicy mayo all created the perfect bite each time. I love the crunch from the veggies too.

Peaking behind the Mixology Poké Bowl in the picture above is a delicious mango smoothie with boba. I was so excited to dive into the poké bowl that I forgot to snap a photo of the smoothie! Although the poké filled me up, I still sipped on the smoothie the remainder of the afternoon as it was so refreshing and sweet! The tapioca boba was also a great addition!

Chai Mixology Build Your Poke Bowl
Build Your Own Poké Bowl

The options to build your own poké bowl are endless! My Aunt ordered this very personalized poké bowl with a salad base, carrot, onion, corn, cucumber, spicy tuna, spicy mayo, sweet soy, crispy onions, sesame seed and seaweed. We both raved over how tasty every ingredient was. For a healthier alternative, the salad base is definitely the way to go for more greens!

Chai Mixology The Pearl Poke Bowl
The Pearl Poké Bowl

A crunchy bliss of a bowl, The Pearl Poké Bowl is amazing with salmon, crab stick, onion, carrots, sweet soy, spicy mayo, sesame seed and tempura flakes. I really enjoyed the salmon and crab stick as the protein. The fish is so fresh and not fishy at all, which we can all appreciate! This bowl is slightly more simple and I’d suggest this to a newbie who’s trying poké for the first time. It’s yummy and crisp.

Chai Mixology Thai Tea and Boba Smoothie
Thai Tea with Boba and Taro Smoothie with Boba

Have you been looking for a boba place in St. Pete too? Luckily, Chai Mixology has us all covered with fresh tea, milk tea, smoothies and more!

First, you select your base from fresh tea (black or green tea), milk tea (regular, almond, or oat), smoothie (regular, almond, or oat) or specialty (Thai tea). Then, you pick your flavor from their long list of every fruit you can think of. Next, you add boba! You can choose between the original boba (tapioca or pearls), popping pearls with all sorts of flavors or jelly. Finally, you choose your sweetness level from a mild, sweet or sweet tooth level.

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Pictured above on the left is the Thai tea with chocolate popping pearls and on the right is a taro smoothie with tapioca boba. These were both delicious in their own way. I really enjoyed the chocolate pearls that exploded in my mouth but I prefer the chewy tapioca slightly more. The gummy-bear like consistency is probably hit-or-miss for some, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

They also offer smoothie bowls which I’d love to try sometime too! Knowing that the smoothies are delicious, I wouldn’t expect anything less for the bowls!

Chai Mixology Exterior
Chai Mixology Exterior

For the time being, Chai Mixology is only offering take-away orders. They have two small tables outside, but you’re better off picking up your meal and heading elsewhere to eat it as the tables might be taken. You can order ahead online and it’ll be ready super quick!

Chai Mixology offers some pretty raw-some bowls that you need to order on your next lunch break!

Chai Mixology
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