King State Brews a Fusion of Coffee, Craft Beers and Culinary Creations

King State Brews a Fusion of Coffee, Craft Beers and Culinary Creations

CLOSED – Not sure if temporary or permanent – April 2024

King State is brewing their own beer and coffee, which has quickly earned them a loyal crowd here in downtown St. Petersburg. The menu? Delicious. The vibe? Unique at all hours. I visited three times and each experience was different. I’ll explain more on that later. King State is a great place to sip the night away with their craft beers, well curated wine list and cocktails. On the weekend, they have a wondrous brunch and really great locally roasted coffee. It’s a place that invites locals to relax, enjoy a movie at the bar, catch up with friends, have a date night, or indulge in a weekend brunch hangout. Compared to the Tampa location, this is more restaurant focused with pleasing menu options. They are similar in vibe but different in menu style and hours. If you like beer, wine, coffee and food then this is your spot.

King State is located in the historic Harlan Hotel building on MLK near Central Ave.

King State Exterior
King State Exterior

The interior is well thought out, comfortable and unique. They have high top tables, seats at the bar, cozy booths and a back section with more tables. The art on the walls, the different textures and styles of the furniture, and moody lights all around make it funky and cool.

My favorite visit was for date night. We walked into an edgy, dim lit restaurant that felt romantic yet chill. The music was also on point.

King State Bar
King State Bar
King State Back Room Seating
King State Back Room Seating

I very much enjoyed the We’ll See You In Helles German style pale lager. It’s crisp and light, yet still full bodied, flavorful and super smooth. The Fostered beer was intriguing. It’s a Bananas Foster imperial stout aged in rum barrels with wild Thai bananas. It was dark in color but tasted somewhat light for a stout.

King State Beer
King State Beer

First up, the Brussels with garam masala, maple,  mustard, and toasted walnuts. They were cooked perfectly with a great pop and crunch in every bite. The seasoning was savory and tasty. It was really delightful to have a nice juicy explosion bursting with flavors as well. The candied walnuts added a nice crunch. I definitely recommend starting with these.

King State Brussels

For the entree, we were between the Local Black Grouper and Short Rib. Our server recommended the Black Grouper and we were not disappointed one bit. The presentation was as beautiful as it tasted. It’s a pan seared grouper with a panisses topped with sautéed mushrooms, carrots and green beans. Panisses typically refers to chickpea fries, but King State makes their’s into one giant fry, which is pretty cool. (See it on the right of the plate.) It was crispy, light and comforting. I really enjoyed the vegetable sides being plated on top of the panisses along with the garnishes. The smoked trout roe champagne beurre blanc and herb oil not only looked beautiful, but created a wonderful foundation for the dish. The grouper was decadently juicy, thick and cooked perfectly. We cleaned the plate. Every bite and ingredient was outstanding.

King State Local Black Grouper
Local Black Grouper

For an after dinner drink we both ordered their most popular Green Dart. It’s a malt-forward German pilsner. We both agreed it tasted hipster and by that we mean it had an IPA bite to it. It was light and refreshing and we can see why it’s the fan favorite. I like the We’ll See You In Helles more but every beer deserves some love.

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King State Green Dart Beer
Green Dart Beers

You can’t end date night without dessert…it’s against the rules. This Buttermilk Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and Candied Walnuts was devoured in seconds. The cake was fudgey, the house-made vanilla ice cream was sugary and creamy and the candied walnuts were puff-like making for a perfect, delicious end to an amazing meal.

King State Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream Dessert
Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream Dessert

My second visit was for a weekend brunch. If they were open every day for brunch I would be there more than I’d like to admit. I really enjoyed the natural light coming in and the overall energy. It seems to be a pretty great spot to get work done or catch up with a friend while sipping on their locally roasted coffee. Here’s to hoping they open for brunch during the week.

King State Iced Latte
Iced Latte

The brunch menu has all of the breakfast cravings like Chicken and Waffles, Avocado Toast, a Breakfast Burrito, and more. I kept it simple with my choice and they delivered on the flavors. The B.E.C. was calling my name with bacon, scrambled eggs, American cheese, and a roasted garlic herb aioli all fixed in between a focaccia bun. It comes with a side of grits or fruit. I went with the fruit which was a variety mix, topped with micro greens and honey. I appreciated the extra love they put into that as a side. The breakfast sandwich was hearty and exactly what I was in the mood for. I could have done without the roasted garlic herb aioli but that’s because I’m not a huge mayo fan and it reminded me of that. Not ideal for breakfast for my tastebuds, personally.

King State B.E.C

My last visit was a 5pm early dinner drop in. This time it was less romantic and more business casual. I was sad that I wasn’t told about their happy hour but overheard the server telling someone next to me after I had already ordered. I believe it’s half off draft beer, certain wines and spirits but don’t quote me on that.

I enjoyed a glass of Sauro Maule-Granselva from Venetto Italy, a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. It was dense and dry and great to take the edge off of the busy workday.

King State Wine
Sauro Maule-Granselva Wine

The Hummus and Flatbread was a perfect starter that was both light and filling with beet hummus, charred flatbread, tomato, onion and cucumber. The hummus boasts a tangy flavor and homemade texture and the toppings were fresh and light. The flatbread was airy and great for piling on the ingredients.

King State Hummus and Flatbread
Hummus and Flatbread
King State Beet Hummus
Beet Hummus

For dinner, I ordered the Smash Burger with American Wagyu, American cheese, King State burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion all on a focaccia bun and a side a fresh cut fries. I’ve been on a smash burger kick lately and this one was alright. It had a slight crisp edge we all know and love about a smash burger. The bun to burger ratio felt off, but maybe I’ll just have to order a double patty next time as it was a lot of bread and I found myself dipping more ketchup for flavor. I wish the wagyu burger itself was juicier too. The fries were thick and delicious. A little saltier than I prefer but still good quality, served hot, and just look at the heaping amount they give. This meal was filling but I’ll probably try something else next time.

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King State Smash Burger
Smash Burger

I’m looking forward to devouring more of their menu for dinner and brunch. The iced latte, beer, grouper and Brussels were a show stopper. Tell your friends to check them out for a local, chill meal that boasts with flavors.

King State Cocktail and Dinner Menus
King State Cocktail and Drink Menus
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A craft brewery and restaurant with weekend brunch in downtown St. Pete

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