Prepare to Have Your Taste Buds Blown Away at Mullet’s Fish Camp & Market

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Prepare to Have Your Taste Buds Blown Away at Mullet’s Fish Camp & Market

The extensive seafood-focused menu at Mullet’s Fish Camp & Market is just the start. Situated on an old fish camp from 150 years ago, the seafood theme is reflected as much on the plate as in the interior and exterior. A visit to Mullet’s will give you that nautical vibe with unique decor, vibrant picnic tables, a cozy coastal interior and of course the iconic merman.

Brian Rose and Nick Brown joined forces to create this incredible spot both bringing experience and flavor to the table. Everything from the thoughtful seasonings and sauces to fresh cocktails, the details and dedication do not go unnoticed. I was able to chat with Brian for a bit on both visits and this guy is awesome. He’s so passionate about the quality of food they’re providing and he said he wanted to create a menu based on recipes he makes at home. We are so lucky he’s sharing these insane flavors with us.

While eager to try the fish tacos that everyone’s buzzing about, we ordered a cocktail and appetizers to start. What a way to win us over.

Mullet's No Diablo Original Cocktail
No Diablo Original Cocktail
Mullet's Mai Tai and No Diablo Cocktails
Mai Tai and No Diablo Cocktails

The cocktail menu is split between original mixes, classics, mules and frozen concoctions. They also have wine, beer and seltzers. My drink, No Diablo, was smoky and delicious with Mezcal, pomegranate syrup, lime, spiced ginger puree and ginger beer. The Mai Tai was enjoyed by my Aunt and had a nice refreshing kick to it. I look forward to trying more cocktails as I learned that the ingredients are all made in house and I certainly love a fresh sip like that.

Mullet's Signature Smoked Wings House Merman Sauce Close Up
Signature Smoked Wings in House Merman Sauce

Roll your sleeves up, it’s time to get messy with the absolute BEST wings in St. Pete.

When wing cravings hit, they hit hard, and now I know where my go-to spot is for the sauciest, most delicious, fall off the bone wings in St. Pete. Mullet’s does not mess around here with their Signature Smoked Wings. They smoke them right outside every single day. The quality is just impeccable and beyond scrumptious. I will be telling all of my wing aficionado friends about these wings. We ordered them in their House Merman Sauce which is a Carolina Gold style sauce with a major cajun kick. You’ll choose your style from Dry Rub, House Merman Sauce, Signature Dirté sauce, or Classic Buffalo.


The blue cheese is also something I must rave about. A side of this cooling, blue cheese for dunking will surprise you and here’s why… I hate blue cheese but this house made blue cheese at Mullet’s is out of this world. It’s the perfect consistency and has a smooth taste to it. You can’t go wrong with the ranch either.

Mullet's Smoked Wings Out Back
Mullet’s Smoked Wings Out Back
Mullet's Smoked Wings
Mullet’s Smoked Wings
Mullet's Smoked Wings
Mullet’s Smoked Wings

Do yourself a favor and order the wings, believe me you’ll leave so happy.

Mullet's Peel N Eat Shrimp Mullet's Style Close Up
Peel N Eat Shrimp Mullet’s Style And Citrus Rice

Mullet’s boasts another fantastic starter, the Peel N Eat Shrimp. You can get them in the OG style or Mullet’s. Once our server said that Mullet’s Style is spicier we didn’t hesitate to order them. The giant shrimp come in a simmering spicy sauce with their “Florida Man” citrus herb butter and bread for soaking up every last ounce of sauce. The Florida Man sauce has a sweet, citrus kick with herbs, lots of butter and is very addictive.

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Mullet's The Joe Dirte Grouper Fish Tacos Close Up
The Joe Dirte Grouper Fish Tacos and Cajun Fries

The fish tacos have been a popular topic in our Facebook Group. I would have ordered these either way as I love the crispiness of a good fish taco. Mullet’s has pretty much mastered these as well. First you decide what fish you’d like between Gulf grouper, mahi or shrimp. Then you pick the style, either The Florida Man, The Bobby Lee or The Joe Dirté. See the descriptions of each below. To finish it off, then you order a side.


The Joe Dirté styled tacos are what I ordered and they were wonderful. The cajun gave it a little spice and the house slaw cooled it off with a refreshing crunch. The cajun fries were crispy and seasoned so well. Our server brought us out a side of The Joe Dirté sauce for the fries and what a move that was. If you love condiments as much as I do, then be sure to order some of this sauce for your fries or extra smothering on the tacos.

Mullets Gulf Grouper Sandwich Joe Dirte Style and Cajun Fries Close Up
Mullets Gulf Grouper Sandwich Joe Dirte Style and Cajun Fries

Similar in flavor, but on a sandwich, the Gulf Grouper Sandwich with The Joe Dirté Style and Cajun Fries is a great go-to order. My (soon to be) sister in law ordered this and loved it. The fresh Gulf grouper comes in between a garlic toasted brioche bun and can be prepared any style you want. I’d say this is high up on the list for delicious grouper sandwiches in St. Pete.

We all kept raving about the fries, so trust us, order the cajun fries.

Mullet's Merman's Creamy Cajun Pasta with Shrimp Close Up
Merman’s Creamy Cajun Pasta with Shrimp

The Merman’s Creamy Cajun Pasta caught our eye. This dish is a warm and creamy bowl of penne pasta tossed in an alfredo sauce with a cajun kick, topped with diced tomatoes and green onions. We added shrimp too. The combination of the creamy alfredo sauce with the zesty cajun seasoning was wonderful. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take a nap after consuming this. The comfort and creaminess put me right into a major food coma.

Mullet's Weekend Live Music
Weekend Live Music

As I mentioned before, the vibe is very beachy and relaxing. Over the weekend, they had live reggae music that was so enjoyable. Oh and if you bring your fantasy football obsessed brother along, don’t worry they have TVs at the bar for Sunday football.

The staff is beyond friendly and will gladly help you out with menu suggestions. They’re so personable and make you feel like you’re a part of the community here.

Mullet's Fish Camp & Market
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A fresh new seafood joint in South St. Pete.

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