Siam Garden Thai Serves Tantalizing Family Recipes Since 1988

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Siam Garden Thai Serves Tantalizing Family Recipes Since 1988

This way for spicy and delicious Thai food to excite your palette. Siam Garden Thai is an oldie but goodie, family-run Thai restaurant in St. Pete that’s been serving delicious curries, noodles and Thai entrees since 1988. They were one of the first, if not the actual first, Thai restaurant in St. Pete. You can easily find your favorite Thai food at this hole in the wall establishment – from Pad Thai, Stir Fry, Green Curry and everything else imaginable. Every bite packed with flavors from Southeast Asia that you know and love. Move over grouper sandwiches and fish tacos, if fishing is your thing, bring in your fresh catch and they’ll cook it up for you to incorporate into your dish. The vibe at Siam Garden is homey and cozy, with an outdoor patio and indoor dining area with lots of elephants and Buddha statues so you’ll receive all of that good luck and fortune.

As I was visiting both times, I could tell there were a handful of regulars here. Locals who know about Siam Garden inevitably find themselves always coming back for more and now I’m categorized into this group too.

They offer a smaller lunch menu and a full dinner menu. Be sure to check their hours before your visit. They’re open for lunch from 11am-3pm and then reopen for dinner at 4:30pm-9:30pm. The menu is sectioned out with Stir Fry, Curry, Noodles, Appetizers, Seafood, Sizzling Duck, Signature Dishes and more. It’s safe to say that they have a lot to choose from no matter what you’re craving.

Eager eaters who always order appetizers, you’ll be very content at Siam Garden. They’ve mastered all the classics.

Dreamy, creamy and crispy crab rangoons, oh how I love you. If there’s one thing you take away from this review, let it be that you absolutely need to order the Crab Rangoons. They’re the best I’ve ever had and let me tell you why. These deep fried wontons are filled with real crab, curry and cheese. The texture inside is whipped and perfectly smooth and the flavor is just right, especially if you love curry just as much as I do. The special pink sauce had a sweetness to it which we also appreciated.

Siam Garden Thai Crab Rangoon
Crab Rangoon

The Spring Rolls also won my heart. I mean, who doesn’t love a good spring roll? These fried egg rolls are stuffed with chicken, glass noodles and vegetables. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, they’re still flavorful and the perfect bite before your meal gets to you. Served warm and with that special pink sauce, you can’t go wrong by ordering these.

Siam Garden Thai Spring Rolls
Spring Rolls

I’ll admit it, I ordered Dumplings and was only planning on eating three, but I ended up devouring the whole plate myself. Oops. Packed with pork, chives, garlic and cabbage, these pan fried dumplings hit the spot. You can also order them steamed.

Siam Garden Thai Dumplings

The star of the show would have to be the Panang Curry. A coconut milk based curry, that’s more on the sweeter side, served with onions and bell peppers. You also pick the protein and spice level. We went with mild spice and chicken. Protein options vary from chicken, pork, beef, tofu, shrimp, scallop, squid or fried duck. The spice levels are mild, medium, hot and Thai hot. I would definitely order medium spice next time to test my Thai spice tolerance. There’s nothing better than soaking up the rice in the curry sauce, fresh vegetables and chicken. Your tastebuds will seriously thank you.

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Siam Garden Thai Panang Curry
Panang Curry

No essential Thai food review would be complete without Pad Thai. Imagine a pile of rice noodles, scallions, bean sprouts, eggs, peanuts and a choice of protein sitting in front of you. If your mouth isn’t watering, we can’t be friends. This Pad Thai  was wonderful and seriously satisfying from the sweet, savory and nutty flavors packed in every bite.

Siam Garden Thai Pad Thai
Pad Thai

I was adventurous and ordered the Bai Ka Pao at the medium spice level and let me tell you, wow it was good! If you can handle a little more heat than average, then the medium spice is for you. Even though it was spicier, there was a hint of sweetness in every couple of bites. The vegetables consisted of onions, bell peppers, celery and mushrooms. Bai Ka Pao is stir fried with Thai basil leaves and is known as Thailand’s most popular street food dish.

Siam Garden Thai Bai Ka Pao
Bai Ka Pao

There was something unique about the Thai Iced Tea. It’s herbal and a tastier green tea in my opinion. Also, look at the cute lemon wedge. Talk about attention to detail.

Siam Garden Thai Thai Iced Tea
Thai Iced Tea

It’s no wonder Siam Garden Thai has been a local go-to spot for over 30 years. They cure those Thai cravings and really bring the heat, if you ask for it. I’m really excited to try more on their menu, especially a duck or fish entree. And just to finish off this review the way I started it, don’t forget to order the crab rangoons.

Siam Garden Thai Exterior
Siam Garden Thai Exterior
Siam Garden Thai Interior Seating
Siam Garden Thai Interior Seating
Siam Garden Thai Interior Decor
Siam Garden Thai Interior Decor
Siam Garden Thai Outdoor Seating
Siam Garden Thai Outdoor Seating
Siam Garden Thai
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Thai cuisine, including seafood dishes, served in a traditional dining room with wood decor.

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