The Crislip Cafe: A Cozy Coffee Shop in Downtown St. Pete

The Crislip Cafe: A Cozy Coffee Shop in Downtown St. Pete

There comes a time during the week when my Keurig K-cups just don’t cut it for me. Plus, many of you already know about my afternoon coffee pick me up addiction! Luckily, there’s a new coffee shop on the 600 block that’s cozy and welcoming, perfect for when you need to splurge on a fancy latte.

The Crislip Cafe is a coffee and pastry shop on the 600 block of downtown St. Pete. Their unique character adds a lovely touch of community vibes to the already local business area. If you’re wandering in and out of the boutiques lined up on Central Ave, be sure to stop in for a freshly brewed cup of Joffrey’s coffee or a pastry from a local business like Vegan Sunshine Donuts, Pop Goes The Waffle, Southern Bay Bakery, and more!

The Crislip Cafe is tucked away in The Crislip Arcade, where you can shop for everything from funky local art to a new outfit and more.

Crislip Cafe Crislip Arcade
The Crislip Arcade: Local Shops and The Crislip Cafe

The Crislip Cafe offers seating both inside, outside in the hallway, and also outside on Central Ave. The location is prime for meeting up with someone for coffee or quickly grabbing a cup on your way to work!

Crislip Cafe Exterior
The Crislip Cafe Exterior

They brew organic, locally roasted coffee from local Tampa company, Joffrey’s. Their cafe menu offers specialty drinks, espresso drinks, frappes and more. They also carry donuts, bagels, pastries, waffles and gourmet chocolates that are all made locally!

Crislip Cafe Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee with Oat Milk

For my afternoon pick-me-ups, I always keep it plain and simple by ordering an iced coffee with oat milk. The oat milk makes it creamier which is what I personally love! Joffrey’s coffee is one of my favorites in Tampa Bay. The caffeine hits you in a smooth way and gives you a delightful energetic buzz.

Crislip Cafe Ham Cheese Croissant and Latte
Ham and Cheese Croissant and Latte with Oat Milk and Vanilla

Right here my friends is a wonderful, picture perfect, Saturday morning. The ham and cheese croissant was delicious. As you can see, it’s pretty massive and I couldn’t finish the whole thing, so you can easily share it or take half to go! They’ll heat it up for you so that the cheese inside melts. Plus, the flaky, warm croissant is as dreamy as it can get. The hot latte with oat milk and some vanilla was sweet and completely perfect.

Crislip Cafe Spiced Chai Latte
Spiced Chai Latte with Almond Milk

Hello, fall! The spiced chai latte with almond milk was seriously fall inside of a cup! I wish it never ended. I’m not a pumpkin spice fan, so this was my way of celebrating the season and it really hit the spot. It’s so good, you gotta chai it for yourself!

Crislip Cafe Everything Bagel and Specialty Latte
Everything Bagel and The Crislip Specialty Latte

With a whole menu section dedicated to specialty lattes, I had to try one out. The barista recommended The Crislip (crème brûlée Latte) which is a blend of vanilla and caramel and then torched raw sugar toppings. Truthfully, I’d prefer to stick with my typical order only because this was clearly very sweet. Since I knew it was going to be super sweet, I obviously had to pair it with something savory! The everything bagel was toasted and a great breakfast choice.

Crislip Cafe Pastries
Pastry Case

Their eye-catching pastry case can easily tempt you, especially with the gourmet chocolates, waffle cones for espresso shots, and everything else you’d want!

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The Crislip Cafe is ideal for when you need a caffeine buzz and a warm delicious pastry to keep you going!

The Crislip Cafe
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  • The Crislip Cafe
  • (727) 954-0117
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  • 645 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, US

An espresso bar/coffee house with locally baked goods.

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