Feast on Texas Style BBQ at LaSalle’s Barbecue Food Truck

Feast on Texas Style BBQ at LaSalle’s Barbecue Food Truck

UPDATE: JULY 2021 – LaSalle’s Barbecue is not currently open, or in St. Pete. It seems they may be moving to Sarasota.

Ever crave a saucy plate of barbecue with those southern sides that we all know and love? Me too. Barbecue has its roots all across the southern states, and lucky for meat lovers here in St. Pete, Texas style BBQ can be found and enjoyed at LaSalle’s Barbecue.

Parked right on Dr. M.L.K. Jr St N across from Pineapple Espresso, LaSalle’s Barbecue is a food truck serving up highly seasoned, deliciously smoked meats and irresistible sides that will have you wanting more. They’re only open on Friday and Saturday from 11:30 am to 3 pm so mark your calendar and set a reminder because you don’t want to miss this.

Lasalle's Barbecue Food Truck
Lasalle’s Barbecue Food Truck
Texas BBQ Neon Sign
Texas BBQ Neon Sign

The owner is from Texas and he mentioned he’s been working on this concept for the past five years. He has poured his heart into Lasalle’s Barbecue and is filled with gratitude to be here. Maybe it was the southern charm, but he was very appreciative and kept thanking us for stopping by. It was very heartwarming.

The menu at LaSalle’s is broken down into a few parts – Meat Market (A La Carte), Smokehouse Meals, Sandwiches, Sides, and more. Hopefully, you’re hungry because the portion sizes are very generous and you’ll need a nap afterward.

Lasalle's Barbecue Menu

I should also note that if you want something specific, you should either plan on arriving right at 11:30 am when they open, or you can go to their website and submit a pre-order to make sure you get whatever it is that you’re craving. I wish I would have known this sooner as I went on a Saturday to get the Cowboy Beef Ribs and they were sadly sold out. I will, however, be pre-ordering them in the next few weeks and add them to this review.


I went on a Friday and Saturday at lunch, around 1 pm each day, and observed that Friday was slower and had the majority of the menu available whereas on Saturday they were out of the ribs and sausage. I’m sharing this to encourage you to stop by earlier than 1 pm but the owner did say that every weekend is different.

On Friday, my friend Hannah and I ordered The Smoking Cuban sandwich, The Texas Native sandwich, Mac and Cheese, and Potato Salad. Both of the sandwiches came with kettle potato chips too. You can also get the homemade barbecue sauce smothered on the sandwiches, on the side, or both, and the same with the freshly cut pickles and onions.

Lasalle's Barbecue The Native Texan, The Smoking Cuban, Potato Salad, Mac and Cheese
The Native Texan, The Smoking Cuban, Potato Salad, Mac and Cheese

The sandwiches were both outstanding and jam-packed with moist and juicy meat. The quality of each bite was incredible.

Lasalle's Barbecue The Smoking Cuban Sandwich
The Smoking Cuban Sandwich

The Smoking Cuban Sandwich was my favorite sandwich on the menu. This Cuban came with chopped prime brisket, cheese, mustard, and pickles, served on freshly baked and traditional Cuban bread. The experience eating this Cuban was one of those first bites when you instantly close your eyes and say mmmm. The melted cheese pressed warmly with the juicy brisket was divine. This sandwich was good just the way it came, but a little drizzle of the homemade barbecue sauce brought it to the next level. I highly recommend this sandwich.

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Lasalle's Barbecue The Native Texan
The Native Texan Sandwich
Lasalle's Barbecue The Native Texan Sandwich
The Native Texan Sandwich No Pickles and Onions

The Native Texan Sandwich is messy and delicious. Packed in between Texas toast, is prime brisket and housemade coleslaw. The housemade barbecue sauce, pickles, and onions come on the side or you can have them add it right to it. For a simple sandwich, it was very tasty. I poured a good amount of the barbecue sauce on here for additional flavor and sauciness. The brisket melts in your mouth and the coleslaw adds a crunch and overall freshness.

If you want to be an in-the-know local, then you need to order the Texas Burnt Ends. These are seriously like meat candy, as described on the menu.

Lasalle's Barbecue Texas Burnt Ends
Texas Burnt Ends

The Texas Burnt Ends are AMAZING. They have the most delicious crisp outside and melting consistency within. They are juicy, soft and rich. Though they come with the barbecue and Texas toast, I didn’t even touch that. My main focus was on the burnt ends and how outstanding they were.

The traditional side offerings at LaSalle’s Barbecue will bring you instant happiness.

Lasalle's Barbecue Cole Slaw
Housemade Cole Slaw

You can find some above average cole slaw on the menu here, which is housemade. The crunch and clean ingredients make it so wonderful. I really like that it’s not smothered in mayo like some. Simply put, this is a great side option for cole slaw lovers.

Lasalle's Barbecue Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese

I was very excited about the Mac and Cheese. A southern savory staple. I liked it, but I think it’s missing something. I wanted it to be smothered and oozing with melted cheeses, but it seemed to be the opposite. It didn’t taste bad or anything, I would have just liked to taste more cheese, please.

Lasalle's Barbecue Potato Salad
Potato Salad

The Potato Salad is a combination of red potatoes, eggs, and celery in a sweet and savory dressing. The texture and flavors are simple and really good. This is a side you should pair with the Texas Burnt Ends to add a fresh and savory mix.

Lasalle's Barbecue Pastry Options from Craft Kafe
Pastry Options from Craft Kafe (Left) Blueberry Pie Pastry (Right) Pecan Pie Pastry

For dessert, if you have room left, don’t miss the homemade pecan pie and blueberry pie pastries made locally at Craft Kafe.

LaSalle’s Barbecue offers high-quality, Texas style barbecue food here in St. Pete. Although I was only able to try a few of the meat offerings, I will definitely be back to indulge in the ribs and sausage. Stay tuned for that.

LaSalle's Barbecue
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Authentic Slow Smoked Texas Style BBQ located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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