More Than Just Pizza at Local Pizza Co.

More Than Just Pizza at Local Pizza Co.

Local Pizza Co. has caught my eye many times as I’ve driven past it on 62nd Ave N, less than a mile off 4th St N. Its exterior boasts a big, bright green sign with its name and window decals with pictures of some example food offerings. You may be confused when you look closely at the pictures on the decals… are those pictures of hummus platters and chicken skewers? Well, yes, it is. If you look closely at their sign, you will also notice it says, “Mediterranean Kitchen”.  I did not notice this until I decided to finally visit. I expected to walk in, order a pizza, some garlic knots, maybe a pasta dish, but I got a lot more than I bargained for.

Local Pizza Co. offers a large array of foods. Some may even find it overwhelming (I know I did). Just for the pizzas they offer Pita Personal Pizzas, NY Style Pizza, Pizza by the Slice, Gluten Free Pizza and Flatbreads… not to mention NY Style Calzones. Then there’s the appetizers, wings, soups, salads, Italian entrees, Mediterranean entrees, pita sandwiches, oven baked subs, (not to be confused with) hot hoagies, cold hoagies, (What’s the Difference Between a Hoagie, a Sub and a Grinder?) Philly Cheesesteaks, deli sandwiches, milk shakes (yes, milk shakes), and desserts. Oh, you can also buy a pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream while you’re at it if you’re feeling feisty. AND on top of that they have a large variety of wines you can buy by the bottle (most in the $10 range) to add to your takeout or dine-in meals.

Are you still with me?

Local Pizza Co. Interior

So, what is one to do in this situation? There is no way you can even touch half of the offerings in one sitting, unless you’re with a group of at least ten. I was in a group of two. I think we did a pretty good job of getting a variety of items, but I will definitely need to go back to try more. I already sense an update to this article in my near future.

My friend and I decided we were going to focus on appetizers and entrees and a small sampling of the pizza options on our visit. We started off with five garlic parm wings (all flats), Feta Tile and a pita personal cheese pizza. And lots of ranch dressing.

Garlic Parm Wings

The wings were your standard pizza shop wings and probably the least satisfying dish of the day. They were a little too crispy and did not have much meat on the bones. The garlic parm sauce, however, was quite satisfying to my tastebuds.

Feta Tile

The Feta Tile is a fried block of feta cheese served with your choice of sliced tomatoes or marinara sauce. It has a crispy outer shell, and the cheese was still intact and warm in the middle. While delicious, it could have used a slight bit more seasoning in the breading. But no need to fear, there is an array of seasonings on the table that you can add to any dish. Including oregano, garlic powder, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese. We decided to throw a little oregano on top and it was perfect!

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Pita Personal Cheese Pizza

The Pita Personal Pizza reminded me of a kid’s school pizza… in the best way possible. Super saucy, cheesy and comforting. The homemade pizza sauce is thick and full of flavor. Once I dipped it in some of the zesty ranch dressing, I was transported back to my elementary school days. And again, I mean this all in the best way possible. Nostalgia.

Garlic Knots

Even though we had already plowed our way through three appetizers, we decided to add one more into the mix… Garlic Knots. These were probably some of the best garlic knots I’ve ever had. For me it’s hard to even describe them, everyone knows what a garlic knot is. But just know, these were executed perfectly. Do not skip out on the knots.

Spinach Ravioli

For our Italian entrée, we decided to go with the Spinach Ravioli. The ravioli is a spinach pasta stuffed with a creamy spinach and ricotta mixture bathing in a pool of marinara sauce. This dish was warm and homey and made me think of my hometown pizza shop. Again, with the nostalgia.

Chicken Skewers

For our Mediterranean entrée, we chose the Chicken Skewers with Village Fries. The chicken was slightly crispy on the outside from the grill and tender on the inside. The meal comes with a side, per recommendation, we ordered the village fries. The village fries are crispy, well-seasoned potato wedges. Served alongside the meal is their house made tzatziki, with lots of dill and chunks of cucumber the tzatziki sent the fries and chicken over the edge with flavor.

Local Pizza's NY-Style Pizza Slices
Local Pizza’s NY-Style Pizza Slices

We decided we couldn’t leave without giving their NY style pizza a chance, so we ordered a slice of cheese pizza. I am not well versed on the ins and outs of the perfect NY style pizza, but I can tell you this pizza was delicious and might be one of, if not, the best pizza by the slice I’ve had in St. Pete. I can only imagine how good it would taste after a night of drinking in DTSP, but unfortunately, they are only open until 10pm on weekends. Sigh.

When dining at Local Pizza Co., you may be overwhelmed by the menu. But even with such a large menu, they execute everything so well. Go with a big appetite and don’t be afraid to mix up the cuisines.

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