No Need to be Salty about The Salty Nun

No Need to be Salty about The Salty Nun

From the creators of Salty’s and Stella’s in Gulfport comes The Salty Nun located in the Grand Central District. The Salty Nun took over the short-lived Swinger’s space, which I unfortunately never got a chance to try. From what I’ve seen through pictures, they kept the previous aesthetic and brought in a new menu.

You’ll notice as you arrive the bright blue and green colors that adorn the large patio. The restaurant is about 90% outdoor seating and 10% indoor. It’s the perfect spot for a breezy St. Pete afternoon. Especially on the days they have live music. Unfortunately for me, I missed the live music by about five minutes. They were setting up as we were checking out.

Bloody Mary & Screwdriver

My friend and I decided to take a spot at the bar, my favorite thing to do when there’s just two diners. I quickly learned that this was a very casual joint by asking what fun breakfast cocktail they could make for us, and she suggested a screwdriver. The good news is that they offer doubles. She convinced my friend a screwdriver was the way to go, and I went with a Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary was perfect for me, made with a doctored-up Zing Zang base.


We decided to share several items on the menu starting off with the Pierogis and Black Bean Cake Breakfast.

In my eyes, the Pierogis were flawlessly cooked (not that I’m an expert on Pierogis by any means). The dough was slightly chewy with a bit of crisp from the pan frying. The potato filling was extra smooth and had a slight garlic flavor. The Pierogis were topped with grilled onions and served with sour cream on the side finishing off each bite perfectly.

Black Bean Cake Breakfast

The Black Bean Cake Breakfast was the star of the show for me. It comes with two crispy on the outside (presumably deep fried) soft with good texture inside and topped with a salsa verde, adding heat and acidity, and feta cheese, then two eggs your way and toast. We decided to order our eggs over medium and chose sourdough toast. With each bite of the black bean cake, we found a new way to eat it. A bite with just the cake and minimal salsa verde, a bite with salsa verde and feta, a bite dipped in egg yolk, a bite on the toast with the salsa verde and the feta and the yolk (aka the perfect bite). This was a dish that my friend and I both said we would come back for time and time again.

Noble Crust Deep South Ad
French Toast

Next up was the Thick Cut Challah French Toast served with cinnamon butter. I would say this one slightly missed the mark for me. The French toast itself was simple, as if you made it at home yourself. Which is not a bad thing! What threw it off for me was the cinnamon butter and not having syrup given to me until I was nearly done eating. The cinnamon butter was so cold it almost had the texture like it was just pulled out of the freezer. The flavor was there, but it would have been much better if it could have easily melted on my toast. Once I had a bite with the syrup and some butter I saw where the dish could be quite good, but it seemed it was poorly served and executed. I’ll chalk it up to bad luck on that one.

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The Salty Smash Burger

From there we decided to move on to some lunch items. I ordered The Salty Smash Burger and my friend ordered the Salty Nun Turkey Club.

The burger was served with two patties, American cheese, onion straw, lettuce and tomato. The “smash” burger was more like a double cheeseburger, sans smash. I had to remove one of the patties to even be able to take a bite, but it was worth it. The burger was juicy and flavorful and the crisp and saltiness of the onion strings rounded out the burger well.

Salty Nun Turkey Club

We ordered the Turkey Club with no bacon, as my friend doesn’t eat pork. It came served on lightly toasted sourdough bread with an abundance of turkey, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheddar cheese and mayo. This was your classic Turkey Club sandwich; it was refreshing and perfect for a warm afternoon eating lunch outside.

Overall, The Salty Nun was a great spot to sit at the bar, have a couple of drinks and enjoy the company of a friend and some good food. I plan on going back on a Drag Brunch Sunday and ordering the Black Bean Cake Breakfast as soon as I can!

The Salty Nun
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