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Local Brick Street Farms Grows With the Addition of a New Container

Shannon O'Malley and Brad Doyle, of Brick Street Farms, were very excited about the arrival of their newest addition to their facility. Shannon called and asked if we would be interested in seeing the arrival of the growing container, as she said, "it's quite a spectacle!" So on Tuesday, we went on site to check it…
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Brick Street Farms New Horizontal Farm Arrives

We were at Brick Street Farms on December 12, 2017 when their new horizontal farm arrived. For all of the info on Brick Street, check out our piece: Brick Street Farms – The Tastiest Tech in St. Pete The container was put on the truck with the door in back, so the crane operator had to…
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Brick Street Farms New Dedicated Consumer Farm & Annual Club

There's good news for fans of Brick Street Farms. They have recently launched their fourth "farm"—meaning a new shipping container that has been converted into "hydroponic, indoor growing facility that produces leafy greens and herbs year-round in highly technology based, climate controlled environments." Check out our original article on Brick Street Farms here. Brick Street quickly…
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Brick Street Farms – The Tastiest Tech in St. Pete

Organic Herbs & Greens from an Indoor Hydroponic Farm in the City https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MXaTQR8wwE The conversation about the necessity to increase the amount of food grown without having more space to grow it on is not a new one. The Yale article, "New Green Challenge: How to Grow More Food on Less Land" talks about it in…
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