Local Brick Street Farms Grows With the Addition of a New Container

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Shannon O'Malley and Brad Doyle, of Brick Street Farms, were very excited about the arrival of their newest addition to their facility. Shannon called and asked if we would be interested in seeing the arrival of the growing container, as she said, "it's quite a spectacle!" So on Tuesday, we went on site to check it out.

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When we arrived there was a monstrosity of a crane on the property awaiting the arrival of the container.

Brick Street Farms

The monstrous crane

As we were waiting for the container to arrive by truck, Shannon took us into one of their existing containers where they created a small horizontal growing area for their newest product - microgreens. Think - the pretty little greens that decorate your food. Apparently many of the restaurants in the area have to order their microgreens from across the country as not many farms grow them locally. Shannon said that they are able to provide restaurants microgreens locally for 50% less cost and no distribution or shipping costs. They only started growing them back in September of 2017 so this is a relatively new offering for them.

Brick Street Farms

Shannon and the horizontal growing area

Currently Buya Ramen and Locale Market are buying their microgreens from Brick Street as they are trying to get the word out. They are growing Petite Sorrel, a Mirepiox Chef Mix, Petite Arugula, Kohlrabi, Micro Basil, Micro Radish and Pea Shoots. The new growing container is completely horizontal and they will be growing even more microgreens in it.

Brick Street Farms


Club Savor 728x90

The microgreens are then harvested, inside in their work space, by cutting them and packaging them.

Brick Street Farms

Jamie Morrel harvesting the microgreens

Also while waiting on the truck, the electricians were already at work digging the new electric lines for the container.

Brick Street Farms

Electric lines being installed

Finally the truck arrived with the 15,000 lb growing container. They buy these shipping containers used and build them out before it gets delivered to their site. Shannon said that this one container will increase their production by 30%, about 4,000 plants every 4 - 5 weeks which will help meet the demand from their current restaurants and also help them to increase consumer retail sales.

Brick Street Farms

The truck finally arrives

The truck had to back into the lot in order to deliver the crane. It was quite a process that took the driver three times to get right. View our video below too.

Brick Street Farms

The truck finally makes it through the gate.

Once the truck is positioned properly under the crane, they prepare to lift it by connecting it to the crane.

Brick Street Farms

Connected to the crane

Because the container was delivered backwards, with the door in the back, the crane had to rotate the container in mid air to position the side with the door to the front. Everyone was holding their breath.

Brick Street Farms

Rotating the container in mid air.

Next the container had to be very carefully positioned precisely onto boards that were pre-laid down for each end.

Brick Street Farms

Carefully bringing it down

Brick Street Farms

Perfectly aligned

The driver then gave Shannon & Brad the keys and he drove off.

Brick Street Farms

Brad & Shannon with the keys to their new baby

As is Murphy's Law, there had to be some glitch. The key worked but the door was lodged shut and would not open.

Brick Street Farms

The door won't open.

They discovered that the container was misaligned and so they cut a small piece of wood that needed to be place under the right front foot. Thank god the crane was still there!

Brick Street Farms

Hooking it back to the crane.

They lifted it just enough to position the wood.

Brick Street Farms

Let's hope that worked!

And yes, now all is aligned and Shannon joyfully opens the door.

Brick Street Farms


The inside of the container is huge! On Tuesday they hooked up electric and A/C, they will have plumbing by the end of the week, they will get the whole farm seeded this week and they will produce the first crop in about four weeks. It was fascinating to watch and to learn.

Brick Street Farms

The horizontal growing farm


Brick Street Farms
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