Sola – One of the Best Eateries on the Beach

Pancetta-wrapped Pork Pâté

See the latest Sola Review from February 2020 here.

Sola Bistro & Wine Bar is definitely not your typical beach spot. Many beach eateries cater to tourists with a turn and burn approach consisting of poor service with frozen deep fried foods. On the other hand, Sola is a foodies oasis at the beach with eclectic gourmet cuisine. There is … Continue Reading

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Amazing “Grace”, How Sweet to Have Found …

Most Up-to-Date Grace Review from 2019 – Click Here

Grace Restaurant Offers Fine Dining at the Beach

With extremely few exceptions up and down St. Pete Beach, 95% of your food choices are frozen fried stuff that won’t kill you … hopefully. Lots of us like to go to the beach, and it gets to the point that you just … Continue Reading

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Boulevard Burgers & Tap House Juicy Burgers and Best Buffalo Shrimp

So I’m at The Shave Cave last Wednesday and like you would normally expect at a barbershop, there’s banter back and forth. When I mentioned that my next stop was going to be  Boulevard Burgers on St. Pete Beach, one of the guys said; “That’s a tourist trap. It’s not that great.” (I won’t mention any names as I don’t … Continue Reading

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