Tea Time at Blush Tea & Coffee in St. Petersburg, FL

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Tea Time at Blush Tea & Coffee in St. Petersburg, FL

Where are all of the tea-lovers in St. Pete? Hopefully on their way to Blush Tea & Coffee! With over 90 different teas to choose from, I actually mean it when I say that there is definitely something here for everyone. Their teas are sourced from The Jasmin Pearl Tea Company and TeBella Tea Company. Don’t worry, they have a booklet/menu of all of the teas they offer and the tea specialists are so kind and willing to suggest some to you. Also, before choosing a tea, they encourage you to smell the tantalizing aroma of the fresh leaves which makes it more of a unique experience! Blush Tea & Coffee is a great creative thinking space, meeting up with a friend, or just enjoying a good book with a fresh cup of tea by your side.

Blush Tea & Coffee Interior

When you walk through the doors, you are welcomed with a quaint atmosphere and pleasant music. Every time that I’ve been in, the music was perfectly fitting. There is beautiful artwork on the walls and all of the furniture is truly one-of-a-kind. The delightful vintage feel of the interior paired with beautiful art pieces, plus freshly brewed tea really makes this tea shop its own form of art.

Blush Tea & Coffee Interior
Blush Tea & Coffee Interior
Blush Tea & Coffee Interior
Blush Tea & Coffee Interior

Okay, pinkies up, here’s the tea. As mentioned before, there are quite literally 90 different teas, so you will never run out of options. Their brewed tea of hot or iced comes in a generous 160z cup. If you’re with some friends, you can order the four cup teapot to share. Additionally, there is matcha, cloudy tea and lattes. Find your favorite tea and purchase it to bring home with you, too.

Personalize your cup by adding a sweetener: rock sugar, agave or honey and/or add milk: dairy, almond or oat.

The very first drink I tried here was their earl grey lavender cloudy tea. The tea specialist kindly suggested it as I was slightly overwhelmed with the number of options I had. Cloudy tea is steeped with milk, water and vanilla; I ordered almond milk in mine. The drink itself was beyond calming and delicious. One cup of this warm, smooth and slightly floral and you’ll be on your way to a relaxing day.

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They also have earl grey classic, lady grey and African grey (herbal) to choose from for a cloudy tea.

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Blush Tea & Coffee
Cloudy Tea: Earl Grey Lavender with Almond Milk

If you visit on an empty stomach, I highly suggest their tea-infused oatmeal. I was incredibly impressed with how delicious and filling it was. The flavors to choose from are chai, vanilla rooibos and seasonal. I had the seasonal clementine with almond milk.

Blush Tea & Coffee
Tea Infused Oatmeal (Seasonal)

Matcha is such a trend these days and now I know why; it’s delicious and has great health benefits. This was surprisingly my first time trying matcha tea so I decided to get one iced and one hot. They were both refreshing, creamy and I can honestly say I know why so many people obsess over it now. I liked the caffeine buzz I got from drinking it, too. It was like a light energizing pep but I never had a crash. Impressive!

Blush Tea & Coffee
Iced and Hot Matcha Latte with Almond Milk & Mana Bakery Pastry

I was looking for something fresh and fruity one afternoon and they recommended a scarlet herbal tea. I absolutely loved it. It was sweet in a smooth and earthy kind of way with notes of flowers, blueberries, and cherries. It was just what I needed!

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Blush Tea & Coffee
Iced Scarlet Herbal Tea & Mana Bakery Vegan Orange Almond Loaf

Let’s talk about Mana Bakery for a minute. If you don’t know, Mana Bakery is a small local business providing the burg with delicious goodies. I’ve had my fair share of pastries, cookies, and more, but let me tell you, this vegan orange almond load was amazing. It was warmed up to perfection and moist, soft, and left me wanting more.

Blush Tea & Coffee
Mana Bakery Vegan Orange Almond Loaf

Tea soda!? Think of iced tea with a fizzy texture. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it and Lori, the owner even mentioned making a nice mixed drink with it. They have a variety of choices like Black, Puerh, Herbal and Green teas. I had the Lime Twist and I loved it. This is a great alternative if you’re craving a fizzy drink but don’t want all the extra calories and added sugar from a regular soda. They get their tea syrup from The Jasmin Pearl and they even sell it in-store too.

Blush Tea & Coffee
Tea Soda: Herbal Lime Twist

And we’re back to the matcha! This iced matcha lemonade was so different and unique that I just had to try it. I loved the idea of lemonade on a hot day, and ever since trying matcha for the first time, I couldn’t get enough of it. They alternate between strawberry and raspberry lemonade, and the one I had was strawberry. It was refreshingly sweet and perfect to sip on all summer long.

Blush Tea & Coffee
Iced Matcha Lemonade

In case you bring your coffee-loving friend with you to this beautiful tea shop, they also have a full coffee menu. They serve Zeal Coffee Roasters and Eastlick Coffee Company. Get it just how you like; iced, hot, cold brew, pour over, espresso, latte and more. Obviously, I had to indulge on a chocolate chip cookie from Mana Bakery too! It’s one of my favorites on the menu.

Blush Tea & Coffee
Iced Coffees & Mana Bakery Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie

For tea lovers and aspiring creatives, this is your place to be. With an unbelievably quaint atmosphere and delicious freshly brewed teas, Blush Tea & Coffee is an excellent spot to connect, dream, indulge and relax.

Blush Tea & Coffee
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  • Blush Tea & Coffee
  • (727) 485-8359
  • Coffee, Tea, Baked Goods
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  • 2382 Dr M.L.K. Jr St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704, US

Tea house in St. Pete with over 90 great teas.


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  • Accidentally rated Blush a 3 1/2 instead of a 5. Totally agree with the review. Love the tea selections, size of the cups, baked goods and atmosphere. Lori has done a wonderful job and it’s such a friendly and welcoming place.

    • Thanks for reading and rating the article! We’re glad you enjoy Blush Tea & Coffee as much as us!


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