Sammy + Paco’s Brings a Vibrant Cafe with a Zingy Menu to Historic Kenwood

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Sammy + Paco’s Brings a Vibrant Cafe with a Zingy Menu to Historic Kenwood


This bright and quaint cafe, Sammy + Paco’s Community Cafe, has proven to be quite popular since its opening in May. The owners of Lolita’s are the masterminds behind this gem and if you know and love Lolita’s as much as I do, then you’ll quickly adore Sammy + Paco’s. Just as you’d expect, the food and drinks are beyond scrumptious and there’s even a case full of baked goods by Chef Megan, who was the pastry chef at Sophia’s. Now, if you’re wondering where Sammy and Paco came from, they’re the names of the owners’ cats. Don’t you just love passionate pet parents? Trust me, you’ll need to schedule a cat nap after a visit here with all of their tasty food options.

The blue walls, colorful seating and dainty sunflowers on each table add a lovely touch to this already cute spot. You’ll order at the counter and then find a seat either inside or out. This is a really great place to meet up with a friend for breakfast or lunch. Sammy + Paco’s offers standout food options from breakfast all day, lunch and a weekend brunch menu. They’re connected to Lolita’s Catering + Events which is perfect for serving eclectic food for your next big event.

Sammy + Paco's and Lolita's Catering Sign
Sammy + Paco’s and Lolita’s Catering Sign

If you’re looking for a well blended and divine iced latte, Sammy + Paco’s should be on your Google Maps search now. The creamy sips were smooth and just right. Plus, the caffeine buzz put the most perfect pep in my step. Also on their coffee menu is drip coffee, americanos, cappuccinos, espresso, chai and matcha. They have a case full of other refreshments for when you’re in the mood for a beer, wine, seltzer, sparkling water, juice and so on. 

Sammy + Paco's Iced Latte
Iced Latte

The classic bagel and lox is always a good breakfast choice in my eyes. Sammy + Paco’s offer their own variation and it’s easily a stand out menu item. The Bagel + Lox is built with beet house-cured salmon, whipped za’atar feta, chopped hard-boiled egg, tomato, caper-berry relish, and house-made Meg’s everything bagels. This colorful breakfast is deserving of a crown for its uniqueness and incredible flavors in each bite. The beet house-cured salmon was perfectly salty and the bagel itself was seasoned great and was soft yet toasted just right. If you love savory breakfast items, you must consider ordering this!

Sammy + Paco's Bagel + Lox
Bagel + Lox

For lunch with Kevin and Lori, I ordered the Coffee Blackened Grouper Tacos with mango and jicama slaw, pickled red onion, poblanos and chipotle lime aioli on flour tortillas. These were excellent. The elevated seasoning really drew me in at first and I loved the combination of the sweet mango and jicama slaw paired with the spicy-ish chipotle lime aioli. 


You can swap out the grouper for Mojo shredded pork which is delicious, as described below.

Sammy + Paco's Grouper Tacos
Coffee Blackened Grouper Tacos


The lunch menu has a variety of sandwiches and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

The Reuben El Cubanito is an amped up Cuban and Reuben. Think layers of mojo shredded pork, pastrami, sauerkraut, mustard, house-made thousand island dressing on Cuban bread. Two classics merged together for a simply delicious lunch. The chips were crunchy and a great side.

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Sammy + Paco's Reuben El Cubanito
Reuben El Cubanito

The Aristo Cat BLT(S) is a solid option for an exquisitely crafted sandwich. Lori ordered the Aristo Cat BLT(S) which was a party for your tastebuds with seared beet house-cured salmon, bacon, watercress, heirloom tomatoes, tzatziki on French country loaf. I tried a bite and was instantly impressed with the freshness and the variety of flavors. The tzatziki had a really nice zest and the beet house-cured salmon was wonderful.

Sammy + Paco's Aristo Cat BLT(S)
Aristo Cat BLT(S)

Love a good burger? Order the El Loco Burger. Kevin had this for lunch and loved it. The El Loco Burger is a short rib, brisket burger loaded with mojo shredded pork, muenster cheese, chimichurri, and pickled red onion all in between a brioche bun. Kevin described the burger as melt in your mouth and perfectly seasoned. From what I tried I’d definitely have to agree. Everything about this burger was just right.

Sammy + Paco's El Loco Burger
El Loco Burger

You should never fight the urge to order something sweet and luckily this case of baked goods has a variety of yummy options. I can’t wait to dive into a dessert on my next visit, I mean, just look at those cupcakes!

Sammy + Paco's Pastry Case
Pastry Case

Sammy + Paco’s has an impressive wine section, too. What more could you ask for?

Sammy + Paco's Wine Selection
Wine Selection

Can we talk about these smiling faces real quick!? The team at Sammy + Paco’s is so friendly and welcoming. I felt an instant sense of community and connection from everyone here on each visit.

Sammy + Paco's Team
Sammy + Paco’s Team

Finally, check out their gorgeous space. They did a great job at making the aesthetic trendy, welcoming and overall down-to-earth. I’m obsessed with the colors, patterns and sunflowers.

Sammy + Paco's Indoor Seating
Indoor Seating
Sammy +' Paco's Outdoor Seating
Outdoor Seating
Sammy +' Paco's More Outdoor Seating
More Outdoor Seating

Sammy + Paco’s is a charming neighborhood spot in Historic Kenwood. I was in awe at the attention to detail with the ingredients on the menu and can’t wait to come back over and over again.

Sammy + Paco's
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A kitschy little cafe inspired by two traveling cats serving great vittles and baked goods for breakfast, lunch and brunch.

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