Pin Wok & Bowl New Restaurant on Central Ave in DTSP

Pin Wok & Bowl New Restaurant on Central Ave in DTSP

Two New Asian Eateries Makes Three in a Row on Central

According to the American Community Survey (ACS) from the Census Bureau, St. Petersburg only has an Asian population of 3.1%. Luckily for us DTSPers, the Asian restaurant population is about to triple on the 400 block of Central Avenue.

La V Vietnamese Fusion has been thriving there since 2012. They will be opening their new Sushi/ Pan-Asian Fusion next door to the right (east), called Asie (pronounced a-zee), currently slated for October opening at 437 Central Avenue. You can read more about it here.

In roughly, one month—sometime in August we will have Pin Wok & Bowl taking the space just left (west) of La V. This is at 445 Central Ave, which used to house The Mango Tree.

Their name is a play on Rock ‘n’ Roll. A Pin or Phin is like a guitar. It is a type of lute with a pear-shaped body, originating in the Isan region of Thailand and played mostly by ethnic Laotians in Thailand and Laos. It has frets on the neck over which two or three metal strings run that are plucked by a pick. These Guitars, which will be used to decorate the walls in the restaurant were handmade by the owner Roger Rattanachane.

Pin “Guitars” Made by Roger Rattanachane
Pin "Guitars" Made by Roger Rattanachane
Pin “Guitars” Made by Roger Rattanachane

The menu will include Poké Bowls, Sushi, Stir-Fried Asian Specialties, and more.

Salmon Poke
Salmon Poke


We can’t wait to try all of the new Asian food that’s coming soon to the 400 block of Downtown St. Pete.

Pin Wok & Bowl
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Poke Bowls and Asian Wok Specialties

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