Pia’s Trattoria in Gulfport – A Review

Originally published on June 11, 2016 by Anne Oliver in the group St. Petersburg Foodies Restaurant Reviews on Facebook.

Pia's is awesome, it's one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the Bay Area. Every creation is well thought out and handcrafted to perfection. Started off with the focaccia, parm, and sugar coated grapes.

Fruit & Cheese at Pia's

Focaccia, Parmesan, and Sugar Coated Grapes

It sounds so simple but all three together it's a symphony of flavors. The cantaloupe gazpacho was very creative.

Cantaloupe Gazpacho at Pia's Trattoria

Cantaloupe Gazpacho

However, the highlight of the evening was the peppercorn filet with creamed spinach and bacon. OMG!!!!! That creamed spinach was the best I have had. I need to get a tapeworm just so I can continue to eat more. I can not put my fork down, and I think Carey is giving me the evil eye because I want eat all of her spinach.

Peppercorn Filet at Pia's Trattoria

Peppercorn Filet with Creamed Spinach and Bacon

Pia's Trattoria
3054 Beach Blvd S
Gulfport, FL 33707
(727) 327-2190

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